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Testosterona Enanthate 250 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals | SOU-0268

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Brand: Euro Prime Farmaceuticals

Product Code: SOU-0268

Application Testosterona Enanthate 250 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals in UK medicine and sports pharmacology

Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals is a strong androgenic and anabolic steroid. Its active ingredient is Testosterone Enanthate, a testosterone ester, which is popular for its long-lasting and powerful positive effects on the human body. Testosterone Enanthate is a long-acting steroid. Depending on the metabolism and hormonal background, the average duration of action of the drug is 2-3 weeks.

Anabolic Profile of Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals

  • Anabolic activity - 100% testosterone
  • Androgenic activity - 100% testosterone (high)
  • Aromatization (conversion to estrogens) - high (need for anti-estrogens)
  • Suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis - expressed
  • Toxicity to the liver - none
  • Directions for use - injection
  • Duration of action - 15 days
  • Time of detection - 3 months

The steroid Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals is most commonly used in British sports practice: to increase muscle mass, strength and endurance, used in weightlifting, strength disciplines such as powerlifting, bodybuilding, and many other areas. Of course, it can also be useful outside of professional and amateur sports, in particular in British medicine - for substitution therapy, to stimulate regeneration of the body, for the development of secondary male sexual characteristics and for other significant reasons.

In general Testosterona Enanthate manifests a number of positive effects during a course, but the following properties and qualities are particularly appreciated in sports practice

  • Stimulation of muscle mass gain;
  • Significant increase in the strength performance of the athlete;
  • Accelerated recovery (stimulation of regenerative processes);
  • Strong pumping effect (subjective feeling of pumping up and tightening of muscles after physical exertion);
  • Improvement of joint function through the accumulation of water;
  • Improvement of overall vitality and motivation.

By the way, Testosterone Enanthate should be used exclusively by men for sports purposes. Women usually do not use Testosterona Enanthate because the drug has a strong androgenic effect and can lead to masculinization (formation, accumulation and development of secondary sexual characteristics of male type: coarsening of voice, excessive growth of facial and body hair, etc.).

Side effects of Testosterona Enanthate 250 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals

Of course, some side effects may bother men taking Testoged-E as well. First of all, these are the same androgenic "illnesses" (acne, increased hairiness of the body and face, increased fatness of the skin, and others). Testosterone Enanthate is a highly aromatic steroid, which means that while taking Testoged-E 250, estrogenic side effects may occur, such as gynecomastia, fluid retention in the body, and an increase in body fat. To alleviate, minimise these negative effects, the anti-estrogen clomiphene (tamoxifen) is recommended.

Effects and Effects of Testosterona Enanthate 250 mg Euro Prime Farmaceutical on the Body

Perhaps the main advantage of Testoged E is a pronounced increase in both muscle mass and strength (which is why it is highly valued by weightlifters and powerlifters), as well as pamping. As well as its anabolic action, the product has a pronounced androgenic effect. Rapid weight gain is associated with a significant accumulation of water, which is due to sodium retention and estrogenic effects. At the end of the course there is a noticeable rebound phenomenon. Testosterone enanthate often helps eliminate joint problems, those who complain of pain and crunching in the shoulders, and those whose intervertebral discs are showing the first signs of wear.

Another, very side effect of testosterone enanthate can be considered beneficial. Testosterone is suitable as a highly effective birth control for men. A year-long scientific study was conducted on 230 men and concluded that a course of testosterone is a reliable and long-lasting method of contraception with an effectiveness rate of 99.2%. This rate exceeds the effectiveness of modern oral contraceptives (93-98%) and condoms (88%). Studies have shown that the contraceptive effect is completely reversible, and testosterone injections cause minimal side effects."

Active substance Testosterone, Testosterone enantato
Active ingredient, mg 250
Release form Ampoule
1 bottle, ml 1
Ampoules per package, pcs 10
Manufacturer Euro Prime Farmaceuticals
Packing Ampoule


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