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Stanover 10 mg Vermodje | SOU-0202

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Brand: Vermodje

Product Code: SOU-0202

Stanover (Stanover 10 mg) from Vermodje is one of the many brands under which such a well-known anabolic androgenic steroid as winstrol is distributed. According to the chemical formula, the synthetic 17α-methylated steroid was given a difference from natural drugs due to the addition of +3,2-pyrazole.

After being introduced in 1962 as a drug designed to provide racehorses with an increase in speed, Winstrol was given the official go-ahead for human use. Stanover contains stanozolol as the active substance, which was originally used to:

  • treat anemia;
  • eliminate angioedema, which is exposed to people who have received this trouble by inheritance;
  • to ensure the rapid recovery of the body after undergoing surgical operations.

Features of the drug Stanover

The unique combination of properties of stanozolol has ensured the widespread use of the drug in sports, both amateur and professional. The drug is not characterized by the ability to aromatize, so it does not turn into estrogens, it is not converted. There are reasonable assumptions that taking the drug leads to the suppression of both estrogenic and progesterone activity (in the latter case, they speak of competitive inhibition (suppression) of progesterone receptors). The index of anabolic activity of stanozolol looks very impressive, equal to 320. According to this parameter, the drug can compete with just a few fingers of anabolic androgenic steroids. The androgen activity of Stanover (10 mg Marker) from Vermodje is estimated at only 30% of testosterone. This combination in the anabolic-androgenic index can be regarded as unique.

The effect of the drug in the body can not be considered long, so it lasts no more than two days. The exerted load on the liver is estimated as moderate.

What does not suit athletes who plan active competitive activities is the significant length of time during which the use of a marker can be detected using common means of doping testing. WADA, as an organization that pursues the use of doping in sports, classified the drug as prohibited. Traces of its use are detected for 200-240 days, which practically excludes the use of athletes who regularly compete at the official level.

The effect of the drug Stanover

Recommendations for the use of the drug clearly emphasize that the highest performance is provided in the case when the marker is taken by people who have gained decent muscle mass with moderate fat deposits. This target group is considered optimal for the use of the drug. In general, Stromba Vermoje is suitable for those fans of various sports disciplines who:

  • want to lose weight;
  • before the competition, you must solve the problem of staying within a certain weight category in such a way as to become stronger and more resilient;
  • get a musculature of greater rigidity and more expressive relief.
  • gain impressively defined and firm muscles with some muscle building. This property provides demand from competing bodybuilders. As well as persons whose professional or public activities are associated with appearances on the stage, in public places, where many people pay attention to the state of their muscles;
  • increase your strength and stamina. Masters of powerlifting, track and field athletics and various martial arts need these qualities;
  • burn fat accumulation. To tighten the figure is not averse to many people, not only athletes and representatives of show business. This will be facilitated by the use of cardio loads;
  • remove excess fluid from the body. This is important for bodybuilders;
  • improve your appetite. Everyone who has to make significant efforts in order to acquire excellent muscles, perfectly understand that bodybuilding, as the construction of the body, is absolutely impossible without significant expenditure of energy resources. The improvement of appetite under the action of the conditioner makes it easier to solve this problem;
  • lower the level of globulin, which binds sex hormones. This feature of the simulator provides a synergistic effect when the drug is combined with other anabolic androgenic steroids. Due to the decrease in the level of SHBG provided by stanozolol, the anabolic activity of the steroids combined with it is released. Therefore, combined courses that include a master's degree provide increased performance.
Active substance Stanozolol
Active ingredient, mg 10
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 10
Blister, pills 4. 25
Manufacturer Vermodje
Packing Blister (25 pills), Packing (4 blisters)


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