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SP Gonadotropin 1000 IU SP Laboratories | SOU-0300

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Brand: SP Laboratories

Product Code: SOU-0300

In the sports industry, the use of inhibitors is considered mandatory in order to preserve the healthy functioning of the body. steroids can have a detrimental effect even with a properly designed course. 


The use of aromatase inhibitors is an essential part of an athlete's health. The heavier the course of the steroid, the stronger the negative effect. Courses in high duration of more than 6 weeks, high dosages or a combination of 2 or more steroids at once should be accompanied by the use of an aromatase inhibitor based on gonadotropin.

The drug based on gonadotropin is used in heavy courses of the steroid to minimize the negative impact and maintain a healthy state of the athlete. It helps protect the athlete from muscle breakdown, testicular atrophy, decreased testosterone, etc. It is widely used in the sports industry, especially among bodybuilders.

With it, athletes can not only protect themselves from the side effects of steroids, but also lose weight. It is able to program the hypothalamus to reduce the concentration of subcutaneous fat, as well as to save muscle tissue from catabolism. The athlete loses weight, but does not lose the weight gained. It is recommended to follow a low-calorie diet rich in protein and vitamins.

The main active ingredient of this aromatase inhibitor is human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is produced in the body of pregnant women, but is excreted unchanged in the urine. After that, it is purified and used as the main component for drugs.

The drug Gonadotropin is produced by the popular Moldovan company Sp Laboratories. It is available in a package of 5 vials containing lyophilized powder for injection. Previously, before the injection, the powder is diluted with phys. the solution is often sodium chloride. The remaining solution must be stored in the refrigerator at 2-6C degrees. Packaging with vials of powder can be stored in a dry, dark place up to +25C degrees.

The effect of the application

Pre-pass tests and consult your doctor.

  • Restoration of spermatogenesis;
  • Increased testosterone concentration;
  • Protecting muscles from catabolism;
  • Increased development of the genitals and secondary sexual characteristics.

Side effects

The drug is safe to use if taken wisely. Due to an overdose, an athlete can get a negative effect, namely, a decrease in gonadotropin secretion, since the "hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular" axis is suppressed, and there is also a risk of testicular atrophy.


The half-life is a few hours, but it retains the effect for up to 5-6 days. hCG is used exclusively for heavy courses, when the duration of administration is more than 6 weeks, a high dose and is combined with another steroid.

Enter the hCG solution 2 times a week for 250-500 IU for the last 3-5 weeks of the course. After that, the PKT begins.

Active substance Gonadotropina
Active ingredient, IU 1000
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, IU 1000
Bottles in the package, pcs 5
Manufacturer SP Laboratories
Packing Bottle 1000 IU, Packing (5 bottles 1000 IU)


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