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SP Cabergoline 0,25 mg SP Laboratories | SOU-0297

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Brand: SP Laboratories

Product Code: SOU-0297

Use and treatment with help SP Cabergoline 0,25 mg SP Laboratories in British athletes.

Cabergoline is not in the steroid class and therefore has no anabolic or androgenic activity. The drug is a member of the dopamine mimetic class. It is based on the chemical of the same name as the drug. Kabergoline has gained popularity among athletes in Britain because of its ability to lower prolactin, a hormone that contributes to impotence and gynecomastia, which are usually caused by steroids that increase its concentration, such as Nandrolone and Trenbolone.

Description SP Cabergoline 0,25 mg SP Laboratories

Cabergolin is marketed in the British sports pharmacology market by many pharmaceutical companies under different brand names and with different concentrations of the active ingredient. Cabergolin, developed by SP-Laboratories, a Moldovan pharmaceutical company, is available as oral tablets with an active substance concentration of 0.25 mg/tab.You can always buy this hormone in the UK at a good price on our website.

Side effects SP Cabergoline

However, caution is advised when taking Cabergoline as its excessive suppression of prolactin can also have adverse effects and can cause the following side effects:

  • Decreased immune system activity;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Mood swings; 

Properties SP Cabergoline SP Laboratories

As mentioned above, Cabergoline has the ability to interact with the dopamine receptors. The drug acts as an antagonist of the hormone prolactin. In other words, an increase in dopamine leads to a decrease in prolactin. The properties and functions of this hormone in men have not yet been scientifically established. In women, it regulates the function of the mammary glands. Nevertheless, even now scientists are inclined to assert that the increased level of prolactin has a negative impact on the male body, namely, reduces libido, contributes to problems in the erectile function, provokes the appearance of such negative things as lactational gynecomastia. Many British and international athletes take this drug and see the results.

The main peculiarity of Cabergoline is the fact that it cannot alter natural secretion of other hormones, including thyroid hormones. Consequently, Cabergoline can be considered one of the safe drugs of sports pharmacology. If you follow the recommendations strictly while using it, the probability of any side effects caused by Trenbolone and Nandrolone can be reduced to zero.

Active substance Cabergolina
Active ingredient, mg 0,25
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 0,25
Manufacturer SP Laboratories
Packing Packing (20 pills), 1 pill


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