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SP Trenbolone (Trenbolone Acetate) 75 mg SP Laboratories | SOU-0049

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Brand: SP Laboratories

Product Code: SOU-0049

STEROID PROFILE Trenbolone Acetate SP Laboratories 75 mg

The drug has very high anabolic activity.

  • Aromatization (conversion to estrogens): none. Hmm, that is probably why it has become so popular, because it cannot be flavoured into estrogens under the influence of aromatization. That is to say that there are no such side effects as: gynaecomastia, fluid accumulation.
  • Toxic effect on the kidneys: no
  • Hepatoxicity (toxicity to the liver): not proven in moderate doses.
  • Mode of use: injections
  • Drug action: depends on the ether (acetate: 1 - 2 days, enanthate: 8 days, parabolan: 10 days).
  • Recommended dosages: depends on the ether (acetate 50 mg if daily, 100 mg if daily; enantate and parabolan 300 mg per week).
  • Time of drug discovery: up to 5 months.

Trenbolone Acetate is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids. The drug is notable for its affordable price and high quality. During the course of the course, it allows an athlete to significantly accelerate muscle mass growth and improve strength performance. Now it allows not only experienced athletes but also novices to obtain the desired results. Trenbolon Acetat allows athletes to get good results if all the instructions given by their coaches, certain diets and other nuances are clearly followed.


Most athletes prefer to take Trenbolone Acetate when there is a need for intensive training. In this case, the active ingredients of the drug help to speed up recovery. As many experienced bodybuilders have noted, the product has performance characteristics that can be compared to Oxandrolon, but overall Trenbolone Acetate is several times superior to it.

So the athlete will be able to get the following results from the course by taking the drug in accordance with specialist instructions:

  • Acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • An increase in the quality of mass;
  • Getting rid of accumulations of fat cells;
  • An increase in appetite;
  • The production of IGF takes place;
  • Athletes' strength, endurance and speed increases;
  • No negative impact on the liver.


Based on the numerous reviews of Trenbolone acetate left by experienced athletes, conclusions can be drawn about its high effectiveness. Most athletes choose this steroid in courses designed to improve the quality of their muscles, although in some cases it is taken directly at the very end of a mass-up course in order to improve the quality of their muscles.

In order to get the most out of the course while avoiding side effects, an athlete must take the steroid in a dose not exceeding 50 mg per day, but a specialist may also prescribe a dose of 100 mg per day. Bodybuilders who have just begun to become familiar with sports pharmacology drugs may start taking the drug at a dose of 50 mg per day. Experienced athletes most often use Trenbolone Acetate in combination with Turinabol or Sustanan in courses designed to improve the quality of muscles. Here you can easily order Trenbolone Acetate at the best price.

Active substance Trenbolone
Active ingredient, mg 75
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer SP Laboratories
Packing Bottle


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