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Strombaject 50 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals | SOU-0145

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Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Product Code: SOU-0145

Description STROMBAJECT AQUA (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) 50mg - 1ml

Aqua Strombajekt is a modern steroid product that promotes the quality of musculature, the elimination of excess water in the body and the destruction of subcutaneous fat deposits. The drug helps athletes to improve their physical abilities, making them stronger and more enduring, which makes it popular in various sports fields. You can buy Strombajekt Aqua at any sports pharmacy shop, but only at our lowest and most advantageous price. Our online shop sells only certified and high quality products that will allow you to achieve fantastic results without harming your health and fitness.

Efficiency Strombaject aqua 50 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Strombajekt helps to gain quality muscle mass without fluid in the muscles, and the muscles will become more visible and embossed. It makes athletes stronger and more enduring even during the most exhausting workouts. The drug burns the subcutaneous fat layer. Strombaject has no flavouring, which means that it does not cause estrogenic negative reactions. In addition, it has reduced hepatotoxicity and does not affect the production of natural testosterone in the body. The drug is so versatile and safe that it can be used by experienced and professional athletes as well as by beginners.

Recommendations on its use Strombaject aqua 50 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

The daily dosage of Strombajekt ranges from 30 to 50 mg. This dosage is quite sufficient to achieve excellent results on a course, and professionals with experience in the field of sports pharmacology can take it in a larger dosage, taking into account the individual characteristics and health of their body. The injection should be given every day or every other day. The duration of the course varies from 1.5 to 2 months. Strombajekt also works well with other anabolic drugs in combination courses.

Side reactions

Strombajekt is quite safe if taken correctly, in the prescribed dosage. But if you exceed the prescribed dosage or the period of administration, you may experience health problems, which are manifested in increased blood pressure and increased cholesterol. In addition, injections of this product can be unpleasant and painful, and these feelings can persist after injections at the injection sites. In general, adverse reactions occur in exceptional cases where athletes abuse the product in order to increase its effectiveness.

Active substance Stanozolol
Active ingredient, mg 50
Release form Ampoule, Bottle
Manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Packing Bottle, Ampoule, Packing (2 blisters)


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