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Proviron 50 mg Prime | SOU-0013

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Brand: Prime Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Product Code: SOU-0013

Proviron Prime 50 mg is an androgenic steroid produced by Euro Prime Farmaceuticals Application in British sport

It is primarily valued by athletes for its properties of increasing free testosterone levels, improving spermatogenesis and enhancing libido. Great importance is also attached to the anti-estrogenic properties of the product. This helps minimise feminisation during the course. The active ingredient in the preparation is molerolone. It is a steroid product with a predominant androgenic activity over anabolic activity (150% vs. testosterone to 40% vs. testosterone respectively), widely known under the brands Proviron and Provimedes. Mesterolone is a fast-acting AAS (activity time after taking it does not exceed 12-24 hours). You can always buy this medicine in Britain on our website.

What effect does Proviron Prime 50 mg have?

A complex, but perhaps the main effect for men is an increase in free testosterone concentration, which develops by reducing the function of the sex hormone-binding globulin. It must be understood that the drug does not stimulate endogenous testosterone production like Clomiphene and Tamoxifen, but rather increases the concentration of free testosterone. These are different concepts!

Proviron Prime 50 mg on a steroid course

The anti-estrogenic effect is no less important. It is known that Provided (venerolone), like modulators or aromatherapy inhibitors, can reduce estrogen activity in the body. Thus, when used on a steroid course, it can prevent or prevent the formation of estrogen side effects. Of course, the power of this effect is inferior to antiestrogens such as Anastrodine (anastrozole), Letrozole (letrozole) and Exedrol (exemestan).

What are the side effects of Proviron Prime 50 mg ?

If the recommended dosages, duration and frequency of intake are observed, side effects are unlikely, but not completely ruled out. Possible side effects include complications of the type of aggressiveness, excitability, acne, sweating and baldness. For women, the main threat is masculinisation, which is a risk when all androgenic steroids are taken.

Proviron Prime 50 mg : application and dosage

The use of Proviron Prime Farmaceuticals as a product of sports pharmacology is carried out to perform various tasks: from eliminating side effects on or after a steroid course to increasing the density and relief of muscle during drying. The dosage of Provided recommended for men usually does not exceed 100-150 mg once a day. On average, this is 25-50 mg per day, which is taken once or divided into receptions at different times (e.g. 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg in the afternoon).

The preparation (Provided) has a convenient concentration of the active ingredient (mesrorolone) - 50 mg in 1 tablet. There should therefore be no dosing difficulties even for beginners. For a dose of 25 mg you will need half a pill, for a dose of 50 mg - 1 pill, for a dose of 75 mg - 1.5 tablets, and so on.

Active substance Proviron
Active ingredient, mg 50
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 50
Manufacturer Prime
Packing Pacchetto (50 pills)


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