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Pharma Test100 (Aquatest) 100 mg Pharmacom Labs | SOU-0085

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Brand: Pharmacom

Product Code: SOU-0085

Intake Pharma Test100 (Aquatest) 100 mg Pharmacom Labs and property in British sport.

Like any testosterone containing steroid, PHARMA TEST 100 from PHARMACOM LABS has the same properties as exogenous male hormone. The only difference between the two is a longer half-life. At the same time, this product does not contain an ether chain and is capable of working for no more than 24 hours from the time of injection. Note that the price of Testosterone Suspension is affordable.

Effects Pharma Test100 100 mg 

More often than not, professionals want to buy Testosterone Suspension in the UK, because the use of the drug requires frequent injections. On the other hand Testosterone suspension contains exclusively male hormone, which increases the effectiveness of the product. Let us focus on the main properties of anabolic:

  • Strong anabolic effects leading to rapid weight gain.
  • Physical parameters are increased.
  • The body recovers from training in a short time.
  • The quality of muscle definition is improved.
  • The pharmacological properties of this product are quite similar to testosterone propionate.

PHARMA TEST 100 Instructions for Use and Dosage

The steroid works for a maximum of three days, but it has to be injected daily to eliminate hormonal pits. It is this fact that limits the use of testosterone suspension in amateur sports. The daily dose is 50-100 milligrams, and the duration of anabolic use rarely exceeds five weeks. To a large extent the short duration of the course is due to the frequent and rather painful injections.

Longer courses are extremely difficult to sustain. Vitamin B12 or preparations such as Novocaine can be used to reduce the pain of injecting the steroid. You should also remember that testosterone suspension actively suppresses the testicles and this is also one of the reasons for the need of short courses. Pro-athletes often use PHARMA TEST 100 in combination with nandrolone to increase the efficiency of the course. If you intend to use the drug for more than five weeks, your Testosterone Suspension course should be gonadotropin injected.

Reviews of British Athletes about PHARMA TEST 

If you search the net for Testosterone Suspension reviews, you will find that the steroid is mostly used by performing bodybuilders. They talk about the anabolic's quick turnaround time and excellent efficacy. Negative reviews are almost always related to the pain that occurs when injecting AAS, and we've already talked about ways to reduce it.

Aquatest 10 ml of 100 mg 

Depending on the length of anabolic use, athletes can take 50 to 300 mg of substance per day. The average daily dosage is 100 mg. The course lasts 4-6 weeks and injections are given every day. It is important to alternate injection sites - this helps to avoid the formation of noticeable lumps. You can reduce the painfulness of the injection by adding lidocaine or vitamin B12 to the syringe.

Active substance Sospensione acquosa di testosterone, Testosterone
Active ingredient, mg 100
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Pharmacom Labs
Packing Bottle


Matt - 11/10/2021

Excellent drug pharmatest 100 .I really like him.according to the tests, everything is fine, I will continue to take it.I ordered from this store, the package arrived quickly

Mason - 04/10/2021

How much I studied this topic, I came to the conclusion that the suspension of pharma-test 100 testaa is still more suitable for athletes who need a momentary burst of energy.
More often it's fights. Because after 30-40 minutes after the injection, the result is felt.
In terms of meat collection, we still need ethereal variations of testosterone

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