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Anastasia Fabrichnova
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Pharma STAN 50 mg Pharmacom Labs | SOU-0109

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Availability: In Stock

Brand: Pharmacom

Product Code: SOU-0109

Cameron Griffin
Edited By: Cameron Griffin
Updated: 29/03/2023
Status: Checked

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Description of the drug Pharma STAN Pharmacom Labs 50 mg in English sport

"PharmaStan by Pharmacom Labs is an anabolic steroid, produced as an aqueous solution for injection and often used to obtain a quality muscle topography. The active ingredient of PharmaStan is a "stasolol suspension", which is produced in oral and injectable forms. And it is its injection form that is called "Winstrol". Its first and most important feature is its impressive steroid profile. The anabolic index reaches 320%, while the androgenic properties are only 30% of 'pure' testosterone - respectively. You can always buy Pharma STAN 50 mg Pharmacom Labs in the UK from our online shop.

As part of an independent (solo) course, the use of Winstrol can be justified by the desire for quality relief, burning of the fat layer, as well as hard, hard, venously drawn muscles. It is the ideal solution for athletes with sufficient muscle mass and a relatively low fat content. Muscle building requires a combination with other steroids. It should be noted that Stanozolol also has the ability to reduce the level of globulin that binds sex and anabolic hormones (SHGB). In practice, this means that the athlete gets more free testosterone and improves the bioavailability of shared steroids, which significantly improves the quality of any cycle.

Stanosol perfectly balances the course based on testosterone esters and other androgens (Primobolan, Masteron, etc.). In conjunction with testosterones, aromatisation will be reduced and the overall benefit of the course will increase. In combination with progestin preparations (Nandrolon, Trenbolone, Anapolone), there will also be an increase in efficacy and a reduction in the risk of progestin 'byproducts' in the form of an increase in prolactin. 

Main features Pharma STAN 50 mg Pharmacom Labs

  • the product promotes the formation of embossed, venous, rigid and dense muscle definition.
  • if properly combined with the necessary steroids, it is possible to achieve, among other things, an increase in the "clean" and "dry" proportion of muscle.
  • a significant increase in strength can be expected during the course.
  • to improve speed-force and other sports performance, the product is used in other sports (athletics, boxing, MMA, etc.).
  • inhibits SHGB activity, which increases free testosterone levels and biological availability of other steroids
  • due to its specific chemical nature, the steroid not only does not flavour but also exhibits anti-estrogenic activity.

Pharma STAN Pharmacom Labs : how the course is delivered 

The use of Farmastan without combining it with other anabolic steroids is justified only for the purpose of obtaining a beautiful muscular relief and recycling fatty deposits. This course option is best suited to people with moderate fat content and sufficient muscle mass. The injection form of stasolol (Winstrol) is injected into the body in an average dosage of 50 milligrammes per day for 6 weeks or less than 4 weeks. The dose can be reduced to 10-20 milligrams per day to increase the speed-force data.

Due to the fact that this steroid is not flavoured and even has strong anti-estrogenic properties in itself - there is no need to be afraid of side effects of estrogen, and there is no need to take aromatherapy inhibitors. However, post-course therapy lasting 2-3 weeks is still relevant. For example, Clomide (50 mg per day for the first 2 weeks and 25 mg per day for another week) or Tamoxifen (30-20-10 mg per day for the first or second or third weeks respectively) should be used for PCT.

If your aim is to add quality 'dry' muscle - combine stasolol with testosterones, decks, trenbolone and methane. To improve the quality of drying - with oxandrolone, masterone, primobolone.

Active substance Stanozolol
Active ingredient, mg 50
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Pharmacom Labs
Packing Bottle


Lionel - 17/06/2021

This pharma-stan is not lucky, it enters gently, somewhere on the third day after the injection, it is difficult to describe a pleasant feeling for a long time, it seems like a surge of strength is coming. my own weight is growing gradually, I put it with bold, and the strength is gradually growing

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