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Oxymetholone (Anadrol) 50 mg Iran hormone | SOU-0062

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Brand: Iran Hormone Pharmaceutical Co.

Product Code: SOU-0062

FOR WHICH ATHLETES USE THE Oxymetholone (Anabol) 50 mg Iran hormone

Feedback on the Oxymetholone (Anabol) 50 mg Iran hormone indicates fluid accumulation, so a small rollback effect of a few kilos is likely. It is possible to use this anabolic agent for those who need to gain muscle mass quickly and increase the relief visually. For example, in the period before an amateur league performance. Professionals can also buy Anapollo Iran Hormone. Its use between performing seasons contributes to the overall increase in body volume. Taking into account the hormonal biological effect, the correct body shape is formed when the upper part is wider (shoulders and chest) and the waist is narrowed (achieved through exposure to the male hormone testosterone).


One of the biological features of steroid is the increased production of red blood cells. This gives oxygen more power to muscle fibres. Therefore, the volume of tissue increases, and if you follow a sports diet, you actively absorb nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates). The principle is that when you do one exercise for a certain muscle group, the drug 'clogs' them with blood, which significantly increases their volume. Even 30 minutes of training will be enough to make them noticeably wider and more prominent due to the blood flow. This effect lasts throughout the day. The total increase in muscle tissue is already up to 4-5 kilograms, taking fluid loss into account. You can see for yourself the above information from independent reviews before buying Oxymetolone Iran Hormone.

Another active property of the anabolic substance is its energy supply. It is not uncommon for athletes to specifically take a short course of the drug in order to eliminate the effect of overtraining during active sporting activities. Even two hours of training will not be visible to the body, so it can also be taken by athletes during active training (watch out for doping samples!).

The price of Anapollo Iran Hormone remains loyal, which is why it enjoys wide popularity among athletes.

Before you can buy anabolic steroid, you need to choose the best form of administration. The pills are much more convenient and practical to take, but they are not recommended for people with liver problems.

Active substance Oxymetholone
Active ingredient, mg 50
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 50
Blister, pills 10, 10
Manufacturer Iran Hormone
Packing Blister (10 pills), Packing (10 blisters)


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