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Oxandrolonos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs | SOU-0139

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Brand: Pharmacom

Product Code: SOU-0139


Strong steroid with active substance Oxadralon. Has 400% anabolic and 25% androgenic effect of testosterone on the body. It has been produced as Anavar since 1964. Initially, its use was conceived as a therapy for HIV-positive or highly burned patients. But later, when all the benefits were studied, it began to be used in professional sports.


By definition, it is a synthetic steroid whose molecule consists of a hetero cyclic ring A. One carbon atom in the molecule has been replaced by oxygen. With this in mind, it is useful for those who suffer from anemia or Turner syndrome. The bodybuilding industry now recommends that Oxandrolonos 10 be bought for those who are not interested in active muscle mass growth at this stage. The athletes most in need of it are those who are trying to increase their load levels and at the same time develop their endurance.

Among a number of advantages of this product, it is worth noting that it is suitable for anyone: both novice athletes and professionals, and even for the weaker sex.

Dosage of Oxandrolonos from PharmacomLabs

All Oxadrolon admission recommendations are calculated based on the athlete's professionalism, experience in using similar tools, weight and desired result. The medication is taken with a ladder, which means that the dose increases gradually from the start of the course to the end. The duration of this cycle is 6-8 weeks.

The solo course starts at 20-30 mg per day. For beginners, the dosage increases to 40-50 mg at the finish line; experienced weightlifters can drink up to 80-100 mg. The portion should be divided into 3-4 meals. In order for the preparation to be absorbed as well as possible, it is necessary to follow a comprehensive protein diet, with a special vitamin-based sports diet. If all the rules are followed, Oxandrolon Farmacom athletes will only leave positive reviews.

The effect of the drug

The fact that the price of Oxandrolonos 10 is quite high is justified by its properties, among them:

  • giving the topography of already existing muscles;
  • stimulating the splitting of fats;
  • improving the tone of muscles;
  • increasing strength and endurance;
  • is not prone to aromatisation.

Oxadrolone is a mild steroid. Its effects on the body are measured and gradual, i.e. the athlete does not go into shock even if he first started using this substance. For those who are chasing muscle growth, a stronger steroid should be taken as a whole. It is worth keeping in mind that any anabolic drug programmes should be prescribed by a sports doctor after appropriate tests.


After the solo course, experts recommend taking 10 mg per day of Tamoxifen for 1-2 weeks. This is necessary to restore the body's own testosterone secretion. It turns out that Oxandrolon Farmacom also provides you with savings during the recovery process.

Active substance Oxandrolone
Active ingredient, mg 10
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 10
Blister, pills 2, 50
Manufacturer Pharmacom Labs
Packing Blister (50 pills), Packing (2 blisters)


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