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Anastasia Fabrichnova
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Oxagen 12 mg Genetic Labs | SOU-0034

(3 reviews)
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Availability: In Stock

Brand: Genetic Labs

Product Code: SOU-0034

Cameron Griffin
Edited By: Cameron Griffin
Updated: 15/05/2023
Status: Checked

The article is for informational purposes and is compiled according to the official instructions

Oxagen Genetic Labs 12 mg effectiveness of ingestion by British powerlifters.

Oxagen 12 mg Genetic Labs is one of the few steroids that does not cause premature stunting in children, as it does not promote closure of the epiphyseal junctions. That is why in English medicine it is used mainly in children to stimulate body growth and in women for osteoporosis.

The drug causes very weak masking effects. This quality makes it a good drug for women, as at a dose of 10-15 mg per day, women very rarely have the appearance of masculinity.

Property Oxagen 12 mg Genetic Labs

Oxagen is loved by British bodybuilders and powerlifters. It increases strength because it stimulates the synthesis of phosphate in the muscle cells and does not retain fluids. It is used by weightlifters and weightlifters who do not want to shift to a heavier category, since the product enables them to get stronger without losing weight.

The combination of Oxagene and 10-20 mg of halotestin per day has proven to be very effective in giving extra hardness to the muscles. The combination of Oxagene and 120-140 mg of Clenbuterol daily gives good results. Although Oxagene by itself does not promote visible muscle growth, it markedly enhances the effects of other steroids on the body. You can always buy Oxagene in the UK from our online shop.

Combination with other drugs Oxagen 12 mg 

The product combines particularly well with Deca-Durabolin, Dianabol and various versions of Testosterone, which retain fluid and promote strong muscle growth. The combination of 200 mg Deca-Durabolin per week, 500 mg Testosterone Enanthate per week and 25 mg Oxagen per day gives the majority of athletes a good strength and mass gain. Deca-Durabolin has a strong anabolic effect and stimulates protein synthesis, Oxagen increases strength, and Testosterone makes athletes more aggressive during training and accelerates regeneration.

The second reason why Oxagen is so beloved in Britain is that it is unflavoured at any dosage. As mentioned earlier, a certain amount of testosterone in the blood is converted into estrogens. This aromatisation process is expressed differently in different athletes depending on their predisposition to it.

Side Effects of Taking Oxagen 12 mg Genetic Labs

When using Oxagene the muscles never become watery, which makes it a good preparation for competitions. It is very important to keep estrogen levels as low as possible during this phase, as estrogens program the body to retain water even on a low-calorie diet. When combined with diet, Oxagen helps to make muscles firm and supple. Although it does not destroy fat itself, it plays an indirect role in this, i.e. the chemical suppresses appetite in many athletes.

Side effects of taking it Oxagen Genetic Labs 

  • It causes a change in the skeletal structure with curvature of the spine, swollen ribcage and barrel-shaped thorax, distance between the ribs becomes larger.
  • The hands and face gradually swell, the skin becomes thicker and saggier, causing the old gloves and rings to become small;
  • The timbre of the voice changes, becoming huskier and muffled. This is due to thickening of the larynx, tongue and salivary glands.
  • The upper respiratory tract thickens and this leads to snoring and persistent headaches;
  • Myocardial hypertrophy is observed. The likelihood of sleep apnea syndrome, which causes ischaemic heart disease, increases dramatically;
  • Cheekbones become larger. The lower jaw is protruding, the nose is much bigger, the eyebrows are pronounced and the skull at the back of the head is pronounced. The feet increase in size, making it necessary to wear larger shoes;
Active substance Oxandrolone
Active ingredient, mg 12
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 12
Manufacturer Genetic Labs
Packing Packing (2 blisters), Blister (25 pills), Bolsa (100 pills)


Jenson - 10/11/2021

Ordered for the first time, on the recommendation of friends who have already bought on this site.What can I say.
Impressions are only positive.I can definitely recommend buying here!

Jeremy - 20/09/2021

From the oxygen drug, the effect becomes noticeable only after a couple of months of taking and active training: cardio and iron. It suited me exactly for drying. And if you drink pills after a cake with tea, then, of course, a useless product

Jefferson - 18/09/2021

I took the oxygen fat burner for 5 weeks, and the entire weight loss period stretched for 10 weeks, without exhausting workouts and diets. There were 3 trips to the gym - strength and 15 minutes of cardio + meals without rolls, sweets and fast food.As a result, at a calm pace, I dropped 7.8 kg. I think this is a good result, because I didn't really strain myself.

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