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Omnadren 250 mg Jelfa | SOU-0086

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Brand: Jelfa

Product Code: SOU-0086

Description of the drug Omnadren Jelfa 250 mg

Trade names: Omnadren 250; 250 mg/ml; Jelfa, Poland Omnadren is a four-component testosterone preparation. The four types of different active chemicals interact in such a way that Omnadren stays in the body for a long time. Many people therefore compare it to Sustanan 250.

And while this comparison was unsuccessful in the early 90s, since Omnadren replaced isohexanoate and hexanoate with isocapronate and capronate, the comparison has been justified. Both contain testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate and testosterone isocapronate, but in Omnadren testosterone isocapronate and in Sustanan, testosterone decanoate (see Sustanan). In this way, I think it is clear to everyone that the differences in body effects between Omnadren and Sustananan are almost disappearing, and the only thing that is clearly noticeable is the difference in price: "omna" costs half the price of a "joint".

Omnadren is used in powerlifting and bodybuilding to increase strength and weight. The concept of "weight gain" is quite suitable, since it is. Omnadren helps many people to increase their body weight quite quickly and clearly, which is usually accompanied by a certain amount of water that is inherent to all testosterones. Whoever takes Omnadren is familiar with huge pumping during training.

The strong androgenic effect is combined with the same anabolic effect that gives a strong increase in strength, fluid accumulation facilitates movement in the joints, there is an increased "pump effect", increased appetite and improved regeneration processes. Since the drug is aromatized, it makes sense to take anti-estrogen. They can help to reduce the amount of water stored in the body.

Although Omnadren is present in the body for 2-3 weeks, it is usually injected weekly. As for the dosage, it is unlikely that there is still such an injection steroid where so many dose options are available. The range ranges from athletes who inject themselves 250 mg a week to those who inject 1000 mg a day. The reason for this is the affordable price of the drug. And from an economic point of view, it is an alternative to expensive Sustanan, testosterone enantate and propionate, which is why many inject it in exaggerated doses. The sufficient dose for most people is still 250-1000 mg per week.

Omnadren is often combined with Dianabol, Anapolon and Deca-Durabolin, which further accelerates the increase in strength and weight. The Omnadren and Metandrostenolone mixtures are successful, as both are cheap and easily available, resulting in strength and weight gain with minimal economic cost. The gains achieved with Omnadren will drop markedly again when they are no longer taken.

The side effects are similar to those of other testosterone variations (see testosterone enantate). Strong acne (acne rash), which has been inadequately written about in all kinds of literature, only arose when the "old version" of Omnadren with testosterone hexaonates was used.

The original Omnadren is only produced in the form of 250 mg/ml in an ampoule. 5 ampoules are placed in a pink box, where they are separated from each other by cardboard that is taken out of the box. The ampoules themselves are made of ordinary glass and have a white sticker with a black inscription and a small pink strip on the side.

Active substance Sustanon
Active ingredient, mg 250
Release form Ampoule
1 bottle, ml 1
Ampoules per package, pcs 5
Manufacturer Jelfa
Packing Packing (5 ampoules), Ampoule


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