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Norditropin Original 30 IU Novo Nordisk | SOU-0168

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Brand: Novo Nordisk

Product Code: SOU-0168

Norditropin Original Novo Nordisk 30 IU: product summary

There are many preconceptions about synthetic growth hormones. Some believe that these chemicals are needed only for people with special genetic disorders (growth retardation, dwarfism), others spread legends about the allegedly monstrous and irreversible deformation of the bones of the skeleton, especially the maxillofacial region due to the use of such drugs. Norditropin destroys these idle myths.

When choosing between taking steroids and Norditropin, it is worth looking at this choice not only from the side of their speed of action, but also from the side of the popularity of their use. Professional athletes have long made a choice in favor of the hubbub of growth, because it is not only the safest, but also practically not detected on doping tests. And this applies not only to bodybuilding stars, but also to popular athletes of almost all high-speed sports, baseball players, representatives of American football, rugby. And the fact that such stars spend thousands of dollars a year on this drug is of great interest to an increasing number of athletes.

Of course, conflicting reviews are not excluded, but Norditropin is currently a favorite among athletes who want to gain a large dry weight in a short time. This is possible due to its ability to cause rapid production in the liver and a powerful release into the blood of insulin-like growth factor and somatomedins. These elements excite the pituitary gland, which directs its efforts to produce special polypeptides that work for the growth and strengthening of the body.

Norditropin has an anabolic effect that no other steroid can provide. The meat is growing at an amazing pace, so intensely proteins are synthesized. At the same time, not only muscle cells increase, but their number also increases. At the same time, fat is burned so quickly that the athlete can lean on more high-calorie foods (of course, without fanaticism about the chicken legs - of course, this note is not for the pros).

The main and undeservedly unnoticed quality of Norditropin by beginners is the strengthening of bones, tendons, cartilage. This is what makes it possible to direct all the incoming strength to increase the duration of training, lifting all new weights without fear of getting stretched, muscle rupture or other injuries that usually await an athlete when overdoing it at the most inopportune moment. So if a novice bodybuilder fears that the rapid increase in mass will lead to injury - this is not about Norditropin, here it works like a personal bodypainting.

To exclude the appearance of unwanted side effects, you need to consult a doctor for those who have a tendency to diabetes or thyroid problems. All terrible horror stories in fact remain a myth. The main rule when using Norditropin is adherence to the dose and duration of the course: fanaticism leads to disastrous consequences even if you are addicted to seemingly useful vitamins.

Active substance Somatropin
Active ingredient, IU 30
Release form Cartridge
Manufacturer Novo Nordisk


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