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Methenolone Acetate (Primobolan) 25 mg Zhengzhou | SOU-0026

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Brand: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co.

Product Code: SOU-0026

Action Methenolone Acetate (Primobolan) 25 mg Zhengzhou and application in British sport.

Methenolone Acetate 25 mg by Zhengzhou is an oral medication often used by bodybuilders in the steroid cycle. The active ingredient of this drug is methenolone acetate. The original Primobolan tablets are manufactured by the famous Zhengzhou brand. The packaging of this drug includes 25 mg (50 tablets).

Professional British and world athletes prefer Primobolan tablets because of its effective properties. The individual dosage and the duration of administration is prescribed by a specialist. To avoid the side effects of anabolic steroids, it is recommended to use post-cyclic therapy (PCT). You can always buy this drug in Britain on our website.

Property Methenolone Acetate 25 mg Zhengzhou

As a rule, there are no adverse effects if this drug is used correctly. But it is important to remember that you should consult a doctor before starting to use Primobolan tablets. We also recommend that you read the entire section on oral steroids on our website.

This is a steroid with low androgenic activity and a rather modest anabolic effect compared to other substances. The brand name of the drug, which is very common on the market, is Primobolan . Although its chemical formula is similar to dihydrosterone, it does not have such a pronounced effect and does not affect the hair follicles or the prostate.

Steroid profile Methenolone Acetate Zhengzhou

  • Increased protein synthesis and hypertrophy (growth) of muscle fibres: its anabolic action is 88% that of the main male sex hormone;
  • Androgenic action, i.e., the drug's ability to cause such phenomena as masculinisation and virilisation is 44% of testosterone, which makes the drug preferable for the female sex;
  • Hepatotoxicity from Primobolan is fairly mild, having little effect on the liver;
  • The time interval for detecting the drug in a person's blood is up to 100 days from taking metenolone in tablet form and up to six months if Primobolan is taken as an injection.
  • The serum concentration of the substance (total body concentration) is halved - from 5 to 20 hours in tablet form and from 4 to 7 days in injectable form;
  • The route of administration is oral and injectable;
  • In addition, Primo is unscented, so there is no need to use aromatase inhibitors.
  • At the same time, the risk of breast enlargement with associated glandular hypertrophy and fatty tissue is reduced to zero.
Active substance Primobolan
Active ingredient, mg 25
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 25
Blister, pills 2, 25
Manufacturer Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd
Packing Blister (25 pills), Packing (2 blisters)


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