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Klomidizol-50 50 mg Sopharma | SOU-0133

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Brand: Sopharma

Product Code: SOU-0133

Description of Clomidizole-50 and reasons for taking it by British athletes.

Clomidisol is a hormonal drug from the best Bulgarian pharmaceutical company Sopharma. It is very common among bodybuilders during PKT. Those who are seriously engaged in bodybuilding take a steroid with high androgenic and anabolic activity and face the problem of suppressing their own testosterone production. This happens because the body gets enough testosterone from the outside and therefore refuses to produce it. This, in turn, leads to decreased libido, lack of erection and ejaculation, and poor sperm quality. You can always buy this drug anonymously in the UK on our website.

Property Klomidizol-50 50 mg Sopharma

Clomidizole is a drug that will help you quickly and effectively return to a full sexual life. This drug gives your body the good hormonal shake it needs to get your hormones back to normal. Your testosterone levels will normalise in 2 to 4 weeks after taking Clomidizole.

Dosage of the drug Klomidizol-50

Clomidizole is usually taken gradually, starting with high doses and gradually reducing them. The dosage of the drug depends on the severity of the steroid course. We present 3 regimens:

  • Simple regimen: 1-15 days, 50 mg; 16-31 days, 25 mg; 32-47 days, 25 mg once every 2 days.
  • Medium course: 30 days for 50 mg; 31-46 days for 25 mg.
  • Severe course: 1-15 days for 100 mg; 16-31 days for 50 mg; 31-47 days for 25 mg.

There are no side effects when used properly, but with long courses Clomidizole causes the opposite effect and suppresses testosterone production.You can buy Clomidizole on our sports pharmacology website with one click, at the best price in our online shop.The price of Clomidizole will not make you think twice about buying it.

Active substance Clomed
Active ingredient, mg 50
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 50
Manufacturer Sopharma
Packing Packing (50 pills)


Grover - 08/10/2021

The effect was noticeable. I will say more - the guys from the gym who are afraid of chemistry, but would like to try something other than creatine, took Сlomidizol on my advice and noted both an improvement in libido and some increase in athletic performance.

Ernest - 05/07/2021

From prolonged use of tamoxifen, vision still drops a little. klomidizol is devoid of this side effect as well as possible migraines. I took klomidizol for a month and never had any side effects.

Errol - 15/06/2021

The store attracted its attention with a simple and intuitive interface, a large assortment and attractive prices

Esmond - 02/06/2021

I tried this klomidizol, the product is excellent, I will recommend this store to my friends.The drug coped with its duties perfectly.

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