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Hygetropin 10 IU Zhongshan | SOU-0147

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Brand: Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm Co.

Product Code: SOU-0147

It is important that this is a real Heigetropin, i.e. the original. You can easily verify this by entering the verification code on the issuing company's website. Once you find the security code on the packaging and perform the necessary actions, you will receive confirmation that the original product has been purchased: the growth hormone Hygetropin The active ingredient of this product is identical to the natural growth hormone, which has the corresponding effect.

Human growth hormone is a polypeptide produced by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland (secreted by peaks and may decrease with age and under the influence of various factors). In our body, it performs multiple functions, including being involved in growth and development processes, starting in the womb. Highhetropine, which is actually based on it, is a powerful hormonal product. It has a pronounced anti-catabolic and anabolic effect, inhibiting protein breakdown and enhancing protein synthesis, helping to reduce the fat layer, enhance fat burning processes and improve muscle-to-fat ratio. Other effects include muscle hyperplasia, improved absorption of calcium by bone tissue, participation in carbohydrate metabolism regulation and some immunostimulating effect.

Highgetropin, as a doping agent in bodybuilding and other sports, can be used effectively for building lean muscle mass, fat burning and muscle shaping, as well as for strengthening individual body structures and treating traumatic, and not only, injuries. These are just a few potential reasons to start using it in sports practice. In young people, teenagers and children who have not yet closed their growth zones in their bones, the drug can stimulate linear growth (in length). This is mainly achieved through the development of long tubular bones in the extremities. However, in some cases Hygetropin can also have side effects on the person who uses it, especially in cases of predisposition or violation of recommendations.

Possible side effects due to its use include: tunnel syndrome, increased blood pressure and fluid accumulation. There may also be a risk of hyperglycemia and inhibition of thyroid function. Abuse of the drug will lead to a shift in its effect towards side effects.

How do I store the undiluted growth hormone Hygetropin?

The recommended conditions are a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius, a dry and dark place to store it. The hormone must be kept away from children and animals as a precaution. If you need a more complete description of the product's properties and effects, you can find the necessary information at our Forum. Here you can find detailed descriptions of many pharmacological products used in sports practice.

Hygetropin: how to use it Hygetropin

In sports, growth hormone drugs can be used by women for weight loss and other improvements, as well as by men for a variety of purposes. The efficacy of GR is beyond doubt and has long been proven, not only by reviews or studies, but also by long-term use. For athletes, the use of Hygetropin is recommended for a long time. The approximate duration of the course is about 3 months. It may be slightly less or more depending on the athlete's needs. There are many things that are individual. Taking the hormone too long is not practical, as the body has the tendency to get used to its effects.

Even the opposite, it can lead to undesirable effects. It is advisable to take the appropriate rest once the Heigetropin course has been completed. In other words, if the course has lasted about 3 months, then the break should also take at least 2-3 months to restore sensitivity to GR. Dosages for sports purposes are recommended around 10-15 units per day. The doses used may vary less or more depending on the athlete's experience or goals. In any case, the course should start with a minimum dose and then gradually increase the amount used to the required amount.

The Hygetropin course has some contraindications when it is prohibited to take the course. These are, firstly, observed oncological diseases and, secondly, severe infectious diseases, shock conditions and use with closed epiphysis. Women in GR are not recommended for pregnancy and during the breastfeeding period. The product should be used with caution for hypothyroidism, intracranial hypertension and diabetes mellitus.

To choose the most effective way to take Highhetropine, and to find out which medications can and should be combined with them, contact our consultants. The Forum is attended by the most experienced experts, who will give you the necessary recommendations. Highhetropine: reviews of the drug What does the sporting world say about this product? The athletes' opinion on our resource can serve as proof of the hormone's performance.

Active substance Somatropin
Active ingredient, IU 10
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 10
Manufacturer Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm Co
Packing Bottle, Packing (10 ampoules)


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