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Halotest 10 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals | SOU-0020

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Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Product Code: SOU-0020

General information for those wishing to buy Halotest Balkan in the UK

Fluoxymesterone is the active ingredient in this product, which is very popular among British powerlifters and weightlifters because it significantly increases strength without increasing muscle mass gain. The steroid is also popular among bodybuilders in preparation for competitions. Its use makes muscles massive without increasing their diameter. You can buy Halotest Balkan in Britain on our website from the production of the world famous pharmaceutical company, which used its own fluoxymesterone and also gave it an individual trade name.

Halotest Balkan principle of action

Halotest 10 mg is an anabolic steroid whose active substance is of androgenic origin. The concentration of fluoxymesterone in one tablet is 10 mg. The best effects observed by athletes while taking the drug can be highlighted:

  • Improved strength performance;
  • Improved muscle relief;
  • Vein sharpening;
  • Fat burning.

Increased aggressiveness can also be observed in those taking the drug. The anabolic activity of the drug is 200% and the androgenic activity is 100%. The half-life of the active substance is about 5-20 hours. Doping controls can detect traces in the body up to two months after the last time the pills were taken.

Usage and dosage Halotest 10 mg 

The price of Halotest 10 mg is affordable for UK purchasers, so anyone wishing to purchase the product for use in intensive training should consult a doctor. The dosage of the product will be determined individually based on the type of sport practised by the individual and his or her health condition. The average daily dose for bodybuilders is about 20 mg and 30 mg for powerlifters. As a rule, the tablet should be divided into two doses - in the morning and in the evening. It is better to take the drug with plenty of water, with a meal or on an empty stomach, as this does not reduce its effectiveness.

Side effects of Halotest Balkan

With all its predominant positive qualities, Halotest Balkan is still a toxic steroid. Toxic effects on liver tissue have been observed after 4 weeks of use. Adherence to recommended dosages, course duration and correct intervals will help to reduce the occurrence of undesirable effects.

  • Acne and rashes;
  • Subcutaneous oiliness;
  • Excitability, aggression;
  • Abnormalities in libido;
  • Hair loss;
  • Prostate abnormalities.
Active substance Halotest
Active ingredient, mg 10
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 10
Blister, pills 4. 25
Manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Packing Packing (5 blisters), Blister (20 pills)


Duggie - 08/10/2021

The halotest drug is very good and effective, and most importantly, there are no problems after injections at all.I am pleased with the effect of the reception.Recommend

Emmett - 11/07/2021

I have been working with these guys for a long time and have never been let down.They always do everything promptly

Eldon - 25/06/2021

Of course, all this is individual, but I personally like halotest very much. . For example, from others, I am flooded with water up to my ears, no matter long or short ether, arimidex, although it helps a little bit, but not really.
Here is a highly androgenic background with a complete absence of aromatization!

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