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GHRP 2 5 mg Canada Peptides | SOU-0180

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Brand: Canada Peptides

Product Code: SOU-0180

Description of the drug GHRP 2 Canada Peptides 5 mg

Canada Peptides GHRP-2 (Release Peptide-2 of the growth hormone) is a peptide composed of 6 amino acids in series that stimulate the production of your own growth hormone. In studies, GHRP-2 has shown the ability to induce the pituitary gland to increase the secretion of growth hormone 7-15 times.

The results of clinical trials published in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism in 1997 showed that GHRP-2 increases the production of growth hormone in children, adults and even the elderly. It is considered one of the most powerful (comparable in strength to growth hormone drugs) and at the same time the safest stimulants for the production of growth hormone. The growth hormone is metabolised in the liver to IGF-1 (IGF-1, aka insulin similar to growth factor-1). Studies have shown that IGF-1 causes muscle mass growth and a reduction in fat deposits. It also regenerates the nerve cells in the brain and stimulates the immune system as a whole and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

The main effects of Canada Peptides GHRP-2 include: stimulation of growth hormone production, increasing appetite, reducing fat mass and increasing muscle mass, reducing cholesterol levels, improving bones and skin, protecting the liver and anti-inflammatory effects. Studies have confirmed the high safety level of GHRP-2 and virtually no side effects when used in recommended dosages. Canada Peptides GHRP-2 has been in clinical trials for 30 years and therefore delayed side effects can also be eliminated.

Joint actions (synergism) GHRH + GHRP

It is well known that parallel use of Somatotropin Release Hormone (GHRH - drugs such as CJC-1295 and mod GRF 1-29) and Somatotropin Release Peptide (GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Hexarelin or Ipamorelin) results in synergistic release of GH. In other words, if GHRH contributes the number of GH quantified as number 2 and GHRPs contributes the number of GH quantified as number 4, the total GH release is not cumulative (i.e. 2 + 4 = 6). Rather, the whole is more than the sum of the parts, so it will be 2 + 4 = 10.

Dosage and method of application Canada Peptides GHRP-2. Injections subcutaneously or intramuscularly. For muscle mass gain, peptides are recommended together with cjc 1295. Injections are given 2-3 times a day every day. The dosage of the peptides GHRP-2 is set at 1-2 μg per 1 kg of weight (2 μg is the increased dose, GHRP-150% of the 1 μg dose). The course can last up to two months, then a one-month break should be taken. Example: If you weigh 80 kg, the correct dosage will be 80mkg in injections and the total daily dose will be 80x3=240mkg.

Active substance Peptide
Active ingredient, mg 5
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Canada Peptides
Packing Bottle


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