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Drostanalone Propionate U.S.P. (Masteron) 100 mg Zhengzhou | SOU-0061

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Brand: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co.

Product Code: SOU-0061

Drostanolone propionate U.S.P. (Masterone) 100 mg from Zhengzhou is a current and in-demand product in British bodybuilding.

Drostanalone Propionate U.S.P. is a steroid for muscle mass growth, which is used by athletes during the drying period and to form the topography of muscles. By its structure,Masteron is an essential form of testosterone with an added molecule of propionic acid. Thanks to its formula, Drostanalone Propionate U.S.P. provokes the effect of hyperplasia in muscle tissue - increasing the number of cells. Masteron helps athletes quickly recover from significant physical activity - this is achieved by increasing the synthesis of creatine phosphate, a compound that affects the energy supply of cells. You can always order in Britain from our online shop.

Propionate increases strength and reduces the risk of heart disease, whileMasteron retains almost no water in the body, which helps maintain muscle weight gained during the course and makes it 'dry' and of good quality.

Application and dosage Drostanalone Propionate U.S.P.

Drostanalone Propionate U.S.P. 100 mg from Zhengzhou is applied in 2-4 weeks. For athletes taking anabolic drugs for the first time, a dose of no more than 50 mg per injection every second day is recommended. Experienced athletes can administer 100 mg or more every day. To avoid side effects, atiestrogen (Proviron) should be taken in parallel with Drostanalone Propionate U.S.P.. This will help to avoid the delay of excessive fluid in the body and eliminate the risk of gynaecomastia. After taking Tamoxifen, it is recommended that you take a regenerative therapy course.

Cortisol is taken in a targeted manner to maintain the accumulated mass at the end of the course. Do not forget about a special sports diet during the course.

Combination with other steroids Drostanalone Propionate U.S.P. (Masteron) 100 mg

  • Quite often, the athletes in one injection combine testosterone propionate with other water-based anabolic steroids or vitamin B12, which can counteract painful sensations during the injection.
  • The injection site has to be changed each time to avoid the risk of local complications.
  • Women are not advised to take propyl alcohol because of its strong androgenic activity.
  • The duration of the course is usually 4-5 weeks. According to specialists and experienced athletes, there is no point in taking the drug longer, as there will be no effect.

Side effects and contraindications

Side effects at reasonable doses of Drostanalone Propionate U.S.P. (Masteron) 100 mg can be easily eliminated with the help of aromatherapy inhibitors. Drostanalone Propionate U.S.P. (Masteron) 100 mg is a popular product among experienced bodybuilders and is suitable for both regular training and pre-competitive preparation.

Active substance Drostanolone
Active ingredient, mg 100
Release form Bottle
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd


Cuthbert - 15/11/2021

Taking drostanolone-propionate, I felt a charge of strength like a "TORUS" and visually the muscles began to grow. Unfortunately, I did not weigh myself before and after, the post is aimed at the consequences.

Curtis - 04/11/2021

Switched to drostanolone-propionate. the effect is as if 5 minutes ago from the hall. muscles are always just like poured)))) I think it will connect the mill. but damn, problems with pressure begin.(

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