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Boldenon 200 mg Prime | SOU-0024

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Brand: Prime Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Product Code: SOU-0024

Prime's Boldenon, a powerful anabolic steroid, is made from the active ingredient called Boldenon Undesilenate. It was first synthesized by Ciba specialists back in 1950. At first, the new drug was appreciated by veterinarians, who prescribed it to stimulate appetite and increase the muscles of birds and animals. Later on, steroid became popular in the sports field. Today it is often 'trained' by weightlifters and bodybuilders. Why do we revere them so much Boldenon, produced by Prime?

Steroid profile and reception effects

An effective drug, which is a derivative of testosterone with low androgenic activity. Boldenone is an injectable synthetic steroid that has a pronounced androgenic effect - 50% of testosterone - and anabolic properties - 100% of testosterone. The duration of the drug's work inside the body is up to 4 weeks. Among its advantages, experts call the lack of aromatisation, low progestogen effect. There is also no risk for liver malfunctions during the course.

Boldenon Prime in Britain is worth buying for those who want a quality muscle boost without excess fluid, stimulate the production of red blood cells (relevant for athletes, resulting in increased stamina), improve their appetite in order to get the most out of healthy food, and increase sexual desire.

Solo and combination courses

Specialists advise that the solo course should not take longer than 8 to 10 weeks. This will be enough to have a positive effect after the course and not get any side effects. The average dose of steroid is 400 to 800 milligrammes per week. The solo course is better combined with athletic nutrition, a diet and a good rest. Because of Boldenon's safety, it can also be taken by women on a 50 mg dose for beginners and 100 mg per week for experienced athletes.

The combination of steroid with Testosterone Enantate or Trenbolone allows for an excellent increase in overall musculature. This course example is shown for beginners in bodybuilders - due to the correction of anabolic and androgenic effects. In addition to Testosterone and Boldenon, Tamoxifen is necessarily injected - in order not to get estrogen side effects. The duration of the joint administration should not exceed 6 weeks. Tamoxifen must be used on PCTs in order to restore normal production of their testosterone.

Side effects and feedback

Boldenon is loved by athletes for his safety. The course does not require the mandatory intake of anti-estrogens. The exception to this is the individual decision of an athlete to take an overdose or longer than the prescribed period. Virilisation in women is quite rare when compared to other similar steroids.

Feedback from athletes on Boldenon courses is mostly positive on various websites. Many people are attracted by the lack of kickback, the solid increase in physical strength and endurance both on and off the course. Speaking athletes advise newcomers to start with minimal doses and increase their numbers from course to course. They also note the importance of consulting a doctor or trainer before taking the medication.

Active substance Boldenone
Active ingredient, mg 200
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Prime
Packing Bottle


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