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Boldebolin Original 100 mg Organon | SOU-0189

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Brand: Organon Pharmaceuticals

Product Code: SOU-0189

Boldebolin Original 100 mg Organon in British Sport. 

One of the best forms of the injectable steroid Boldenone, available under other brand names - such as Boldabal, Boldabol, Boldesten, Ganabol and Equipoise - is produced by the Dutch company Organon. This anabolic drug was originally planned as a variation on the long-acting matanrostenolone and has found use in veterinary medicine. Boldenone is often equated with Nandrolone, but these steroids have different effects on the body. Buy Boldebolin Original 100 mg Organon in the UK from our online shop for a bargain price.

Steroid profile and effects of Boldebolin Original 100 mg Organon

The androgenic index of the drug is 50% and the anabolic index is 100% of testosterone. The half-life period from the body lasts 2 weeks, and the full elimination period is 4-5 months. Boldenone Holland has rather low estrogenic and progestogenic activity and is absolutely non-toxic for the liver. It is not prone to aromatization, which means that fluid retention in the body is minimal.

Today, many British athletes seek to buy Boldenon Holland in the UK because it has a number of positive qualities. The effect after the course is impressive - a slow but qualitative increase in muscle strength, an increase in appetite (which is important because food fills the athlete's body with energy), and an increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood. This means maximum access of oxygen to muscles. During the course an athlete can also work out without fear of lactic acid forming in the body. This makes it possible to become physically stronger and more enduring. It is popular among athletes from athletics and many other disciplines.

Solo course and combination with other steroids Boldebolin Original Organon 

  • Experts recommend taking a solo course, with dosages of 400 to 800 mg per week.
  • There is no point in 'taking' Boldenone longer than 8-10 weeks to avoid side effects.
  • When 2 weeks have passed since the end of the course, you should perform a PKT and start taking testosterone boosters.
  • This lasts about 1 month to bring the testosterone back to normal. In order to get the most out of the course, doctors recommend following a special 'weight gain' sports diet.
  • If you want to increase your muscles, Boldenone should be combined with Testosterone and Trenbolone. In this case, the duration of the course is reduced to 6 weeks.
  • Boldenone-Stanozololol or Boldenone-Anavar combination has proven to be a good choice for lean muscle.

Side effects and reviews of British athletes about Boldebolin Original 100 mg 

Boldenone from a Dutch manufacturer, the price of which is not available to everyone (but the price-quality ratio is worth it), has almost no adverse effects on the body. The experience of many athletes shows that observing the recommended dosages and not exceeding the duration of treatment, there is no risk of side effects. Gynecomastia or high blood pressure in excessive doses are very rare.

Feedback from British athletes on various websites shows that the injectable steroid Boldenone is a guaranteed increase in muscle mass, and not instantly, as many expect, but gradually). It is also a great way to get fitter, stronger and faster recovering from strenuous exercise, and it makes it easier to stay in good shape. Boldenone helps you gently shed fat and control your weight.

Active substance Boldenone
Active ingredient, mg 100
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 2
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Organon
Packing Bottle


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