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Methanobolic 10 mg Asia Pharma | SOU-0323

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Product Code: SOU-0323

Application Methanobolic 10 mg Asia Pharma in English sports.

A steroid with high anabolic (200% testosterone) and androgenic (50%) activity. The active ingredient is methandienone. At first, methandrostenolone was used as a medicine for general health improvement in women. Later, athletes all over the world started to use it to increase muscle mass in a short time. The doping control detection time is up to three months, so remember that if you plan to start using Alphabol. Basically, because of this, Alphabol should not be used before a competition. You can always buy this product in Britain on our website.

Effects of ingestion Methanobolic 10 mg Asia Pharma

  • The product stimulates the synthesis of protein,
  • increases muscle mass during a solo course by 8-10 kg,
  • increases power,
  • strengthens joints and bones,
  • has a fat-burning effect
  • Increases appetite.

During the course you have to stick to your diet and exercise. Only in this way will you get good results from methandienone.

The course of Alphabol is not heavy at all. It is recommended only for adult athletes without any health problems (such as hypertrophy, high blood pressure, any diseases of cardiovascular system, liver, etc.) The daily dose for each athlete is adjusted individually, based on the experience of taking sports medicine. The recommended daily dose is 30 milligrams divided into 2 doses. The duration of taking the drug is about six weeks to achieve the desired effect.

Side effects Methanobolic 10 mg

Alphabol may increase the level of estrogen in the human body. As a result, you may experience some signs of gynecomastia. You can prevent the symptoms by starting to take aromatase inhibitors. It also has toxic effects on the liver, as do many other pills, testicular atrophy, fluid retention, hair loss, acne, excessive increase in libido and blood pressure. Alphabol is not recommended for women because of increased estrogen levels, which leads to masculinisation. It also has a "rebound" phenomenon. You have to do ACT to maintain the result.

Active substance Methandienone
Active ingredient, mg 10
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 10
Manufacturer Asia Pharma
Packing Blister (10 pills), Packing (10 blisters)


Hadley - 23/10/2021

I started taking methanabolic Strength Training on the advice of a trainer, they are growing with a bang. That's just the coach didn't warn me that I would be angry as a dog, but I hope that after the course it will pass.

Hadden - 21/06/2021

I have been making purchases of goods in this store for a long time.Everything is high quality. It arrives on time and in a good tight package always.

Guy - 28/05/2021

After this drug, methanabolic feels great and a surge of strength appears for a long time. The weight increased by 8 kg.I began to take more weight.I'm glad)

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