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Lipo-Fire 10 ml SP Laboratories | SOU-0279

(4 reviews)
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Availability: In Stock

Brand: SP Laboratories

Product Code: SOU-0279

Cameron Griffin
Edited By: Cameron Griffin
Updated: 29/03/2023
Status: Checked

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Taking an effective fat burner Lipo-Fire 10 ml SP Laboratories by British athletes.

Lipo-Fire Clenbuterol (Lipo-Fire Clenbuterol 10 ml) from SP Laboratories-it is difficult to even imagine how many athletes and female athletes expected the appearance of this drug on the market of sports pharmacology, because it is probably the only drug for LOCAL or POINT burning of subcutaneous fat (except for growth hormone). Recently, it was the manufacturer SP Laboratories that launched the production of such a necessary and effective fat burner in problem areas. You can always buy this fat burner in Britain on our website.

Lipo-Fire Clenbuterol from SP Laboratories is an injectable fat burner of local action, combining the well-known fat cell destroyer-clenbuterol and the second component-yohimbine, which helps the maple even more powerfully assist in fat burning. The form of the release of the Lipo-Fire is vials, with a volume of 10ml. The amount of the active component of clenbuterol is 40mcg per ml of the drug and 5.4 mg of yohimbine, respectively, dissolved in the liquid for injection.

Properties of the preparation Lipo-Fire 10 ml SP Laboratories

  • We are used to the fact that it is impossible to burn fat point-by-point, we go on diets and begin to systematically and gradually lose weight. Our body is designed in such a way that subcutaneous fat first goes to those places where it is the least amount, namely the shoulders, arms, chest, back. and only last of all is the area of the hips and waist. After a certain period of time, having achieved a certain result, we still can not" calm down "because the stomach and sides"spoil the whole picture". Even more and as much as possible we tighten the diet causing harm to health, but the result is the same .
  • This is where a new drug from SP comes to the rescue, which perfectly helps in the final eyeliner and summing up the final results of drying. The existence of clenbuterol in the form of tablets is probably known to everyone who has ever thought about drying and fighting subcutaneous fat, since it is not a steroid, but only a medical drug that was released to relieve asthma attacks. And those who are afraid to "get involved" with anabolics, when buying maple, feel quite normal, without worrying about their hormonal background and possible imbalance.
  • Also, girls, they do not worry about the irreversible processes of masculinization that can occur with prolonged use of large doses of synthetic male sex hormones and other anabolic steroids. As you probably already understood, Lipo-Fire needs to be pricked. and do not take it orally and this is the beauty and the point burning of the fat layer, which was discussed above.

The composition of Lipo-Fire 10 ml SP Laboratories and the course of administration

One cube of the mix contains 40mcg of maple, as in one standard tablet. Injections should be carried out with an insulin syringe and it is under the skin in the places of accumulation of fat cells, which are most difficult for you to get rid of. For example, let's assume that in our particular case it is the lower abdomen [the most difficult places are the lower abdomen and flanks] For the beginning of the course, the optimal dosage is 1ml. that is, 1 cubic meter per day. Injections are best done in the morning, on an empty stomach. Having gained the volume we need, we make injections into the fat fold under the skin with an insulin syringe, a small needle, as mentioned above.

The course of the drug Lipo-Fire SP Laboratories

At the same time, we should divide all the accumulated ml into the entire area of the problem area, for example, on both sides of the navel, so that fat burning takes place evenly. And we look at the condition and tolerability, every day we can add a dosage, but not higher than 100mcg of maple per day for girls [2.5 cc] and 140mcg for men [3.5 cc] At this dosage, the intake should be divided into two times, the first will be in the morning before eating and the second before the expected workout. Also, from the 5th day, you need to add Ketotifen 1-2mg at night, to restore the receptivity of the receptors, which after a week of using Lipo-Fire may simply stop responding to the drug.

It is more appropriate to buy Lipo-Fire together with triiodothyronine T3. This is a thyroid hormone, which in combination with clenbuterol gives a synergistic effect. T3 accelerates the metabolism of substances, thereby helping to speed up the fight against excess fat deposits, not allowing new ones to accumulate.

With ketotifen, the duration of the course can be up to 4 weeks, after which a break is required, at least 2 weeks. The withdrawal from the course should be gradual, as well as the entry into the course, that is, if your working dose was 3ml per day, you can not just take and stop taking the medication the next day. This should be done gradually, with each day reducing the dose by 0.5 ml. The big plus of the combination of clenbuterol and yohimbine is that the Lipo-Fire from SP Lab. not only actively promotes the fight against fat, but also prevents the accumulation of new ones.

Active substance Clenbuterol
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer SP Laboratories


Fenton - 19/10/2021

A very adequate price for the drug lipo-fire on this site. The capsules are small, easy to swallow.I just started the reception, I will write about the result later.I ordered from this store.

Harry - 21/09/2021

I liked these vitamins with a fat-burning effect. at first there was increased sweating and tremor of the extremities, but after a week everything passed, the fat layers became smaller

Ferdinand - 12/08/2021

Thank you to your store for such high-quality drugs for athletes.I am your regular customer, I have been ordering from you for over a year and everything is always fine.thank you to your store!!

Ferris - 02/05/2021

This is an excellent fat burner lipo-fire it is not the first time, the weight goes away.the fat just melts.A beautiful relief appeared.Everything is super.

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