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Ipamorelin 5 mg Peptide Sciences | SOU-0308

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Brand: Peptide Sciences

Product Code: SOU-0308

Ipamorelin (Ipamorelin 5mg) from PEPTIDE SCIENCES refers to peptide hormones and, when ingested, increases the production of growth hormone. But, unlike its predecessors, Ipamorelin does not cause hunger, and also does not give the side hormones cartisol and prolactin.

Ipamorelin from PEPTIDE SCIENCES is available in a dosage of ipamorelin 5mg. What is the advantage of this drug over other growth stimulants? There are several of them:

  • More intense GR stimulation than from other peptides
  • The natural production of GR is preserved
  • Ipamorelin is a last-generation peptide

It is much more profitable to buy a peptide in a 2 mg package than ipamorelin 5mg. The drug has a wide spectrum of action and can be useful not only for professional athletes, as Ipamorelin from PEPTIDE SCIENCES strengthens the immune system, protects the liver and gives an anti-inflammatory effect.

For bodybuilders, Ipamorelin from PEPTIDE SCIENCES will have the following effect:

  • Increase muscle tissue
  • Power performance growth
  • Fat is burned in hard-to-reach places.

Rules for taking Ipamorelin from PEPTIDESCIENCES

The drug is administered by injection (subcutaneously or intramuscularly). It is applied 3-4 times a day. The optimal dosage is 1-3mcg per 1 kg of body weight. The optimal dosage is 150-200mcg 3 times a day. One bottle of Ipamorelin 5mg contains 5mg (2000 mcg) of the peptide.

Active substance Peptide
Active ingredient, mg 5
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 5
Manufacturer Peptide Sciences
Packing Bottle, Packing (5 bottles)


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