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IGF1 LR3 1 mg Canada Peptides | SOU-0310

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Availability: In Stock

Brand: Canada Peptides

Product Code: SOU-0310

Cameron Griffin
Edited By: Cameron Griffin
Updated: 25/04/2023
Status: Checked

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Description of the action and course of the drug in English sport.

The modified LR3 peptide is almost a complete analogue of the original substance in its structure and the scheme of action. The drug has a similar effect on the human body and leads to the manifestation of identical positive and side effects. Many British and world athletes take this hormone and are happy with the results.

The main property that distinguishes IGF1 LR3 1 mg, and which is not endowed with its analogues, is a high duration of action. Fact: the drug was originally developed to increase the biological activity of IGF.

Property IGF1 LR3 1 mg Canada Peptides 

The IGF1 LR3 1 mg preparation consists of 83 amino acids forming its molecule. In practice, as well as during phased clinical and laboratory studies, it was found that the modified IGF is at least 2 times more powerful than its original version. It is also noteworthy that this drug has not only a longer effect, but also a more noticeable anabolic effect. Injections can lead to pronounced muscle growth in a short course of use, lasting no more than 4-6 weeks. Another feature of the substance is its effect on muscle hyperplasia, i.e. on their ability to grow due to division. In particular, this effect is manifested in the period of intense and regular physical activity. The effect of IGF-1 LR3 from Canada Peptides on hyperplasia is unattainable with simple training, where muscle growth occurs due to hypertrophy (by increasing the size of muscle cells). It is worth noting that not all steroids and peptides, considered analogues of this drug, are capable of showing comparable effect

Other properties of injections are also noteworthy, for example, fat burning and increasing the body's protective abilities. Although these are not the main effects of IGF-1 LR3 (1 mg), for which the drug is valued in bodybuilding, however, strengthening the immune system and a percentage reduction in subcutaneous fat in any case will be a useful addition to the growth and development of muscle mass, increasing strength and endurance. You can always buy this medicine in Britain on the website of our online shop at a bargain price.

In general, IGF-1 LR3 (1mg) can lead to the following positive effects:

  • Effect on the rate of amino acid transport;
  • Acceleration of glucose transport in the body;
  • Increased protein synthesis;
  • Reducing the level of protein degradation;
  • Increased RNA synthesis;
  • The effect of burning subcutaneous fat;
  • Effects on muscle development and muscle tissue growth;
  • Increase in strength indicators and endurance volumes.

Speaking about the side effects and positive effects of the drug, it is worth noting that the use of IGF-1 LR3 by women from Canada Peptides, as well as analogues of other manufacturers, is a poorly studied issue. It is impossible to say how powerful the effect of this remedy will be on the female body, and whether additional, more dangerous side effects will appear. Therefore, we would advise girls not to decide on their own application.

Important: unlike the peptides of the GHRP group and CJC-1295, the effectiveness of the course of insulin-like growth factor is weakly dependent on the diet and diet. Of course, proper nutrition plays an important role, but not the same as when using similar effects of steroids and peptides. The only rule that an athlete should try to follow when using a drug is its administration. This pharmacological agent is best administered immediately after training or before it begins, if possible, in the muscle group that has been trained. So, you will be able to achieve a noticeable local growth and development of muscle tissue.

However, if you do not have the opportunity to give injections of the drug at the end or before the start of the training, then do not worry. The increased biological activity that such a hormone-drug has, in any case, will ensure the growth of muscle mass. Since the drugs of this group are mostly administered locally and act locally, without circulating throughout the body, the potential for side effects during their use is extremely limited.

But this does not mean that the side effects of IGF-1 LR3 (1mg) are completely absent, as such. It is known that during the use of this drug, an athlete may face hypoglycemia. Low blood sugar levels can lead to dizziness. This effect of the drug can be easily avoided. Also, while taking the drug, there is a risk of intestinal growth. This "disease" mainly manifests itself when an athlete takes too large doses of IGF-1 LR3 from Canada Peptides or administers the drug too often. An excessive dosage can also lead to puffiness. During the course of taking the drug, only a few cases of such a defect have been reported, so the risk is low. In general, side effects are more often a consequence of drug abuse than its shortcomings.

Storage of IGF-1 LR3 (1mg) should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. It is necessary to keep the closed preparation in the refrigerator chamber, out of the reach of the sun. The shelf life is about 12 months. The storage temperature of the drug is from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius (you can not freeze it).

Effective course of IGF1 LR3 from Canada Peptides

The course of application of the drug is simple. However, the athlete will still have to learn some information. So, before taking IGF-1 LR3, you should know how the substance is diluted, in what dosages it is used and how often.

How to dilute IGF-1 LR3 to maintain the maximum possible effect?

There are currently three products on the market that can be used to dissolve somatomedin. The first is water for injection. This liquid is sold in any pharmacy, it is tasteless, devoid of color and smell. The second option is fortified water for injection (a solvent based on vitamin B, which is not easy, but can be found on the market).

The third option that an athlete can resort to when planning a course of IGF-1 LR3 (1mg) is bactericidal/bacteriostatic water. This is probably the most correct solution. After all, bactericidal water has protective properties in relation to the finished solution, protecting it from damage by bacteria, which can be understood from the name.

Where and how to inject IGF-1 LR3? Injections are most reasonable to put locally, in the trained muscle group. For injections, use insulin syringes divided by one hundred units. So, you will save yourself from confusion, and, consequently, from the risk of overdoses.

Injections of the drug are administered on training days. It is advisable to give injections shortly before or after the training. The dosage of IGF-1 LR3 varies from 20 to 120 mcg. The optimal dose, both for beginners and for experienced athletes, is considered to be 50-100 mcg (20-50mcg of the drug can not lead to a dramatic increase in muscle growth, but will provide the athlete with an increase in strength and endurance). In theory, if there are no side effects during the course, you can gradually increase the dose, but in no case do not use more than 120 mcg of the drug per day.

It should also be added that local injections are not mandatory, they are simply considered more effective. Some users resort to the usual systemic injections, for example, in the crease in the abdomen. And they achieve good results. But too frequent injections in the same place can lead to local reactions.

The course should be followed by a break of 30 days. The duration of the course of the drug is caused by a decrease in the regulation of receptors. That is, if you take it for too long, then the body will develop immunity to its effect. For the same reason, more frequent administration of the drug does not lead to an increase in its effectiveness, but only worsens the situation.

Reviews IGF1 LR3 1 mg Canada Peptides

In most cases, when speaking of IGF-1, athletes mean a modified version of the drug. After all, it is the most popular in the entire line. Therefore, it is no wonder that the reviews about this tool are mostly positive. Experienced athletes who have already bought the drug, constantly praise its higher duration of action, compared to the original peptide. Yes, some buyers note that even this biological activity is not enough, however, it is in any case more than the usual insulin-like growth factor.

The relative safety of the drug also deserves the attention of buyers. As the reviews of IGF-1 LR3 (1mg) from Canada Peptides say, side effects during its administration occur only when the dosages are overstated. And the violations that sometimes occur during the course are not a hindrance to training and leading a full-fledged lifestyle. Unless there has been prolonged abuse of the substance, then the consequences can be really serious.

Speaking about the course, it is impossible not to mention the fact that its duration is minimal, if compared with analogues in effect. At least, reviews of the Chinese drug IGF-1 LR3 note that the 4-6-week course is extremely convenient and you do not need to concentrate all your attention on taking the drug, because injections are not placed so often.

Active substance Peptide
Active ingredient, mg 1
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Canada Peptides
Packing Bottle


Gerard - 16/10/2021

I order already I don't even remember how many times, a very high-quality product, everything works. Don't even think about the stuff that nothing works, and the like. Took solo ghrp 3 then added GHRP 3 + CSF 1295 The result went better gained about 8 kg of lean muscle mass.

Ginger - 23/08/2021

I order already I don't even remember how many times, a very high-quality product, everything works. Don't even think about the stuff that nothing works, and the like. Took solo ghrp 3 then added GHRP 3 + CSF 1295 The result went better gained about 8 kg of lean muscle mass. I really liked the peptides, the quality is super! In two weeks of admission, strength indicators have improved, you recover quickly after training, there is so much energy at least do not leave the gym

Geoffrey - 17/08/2021

The weights remained unchanged, at minus 10 kg! I'm happy with everything! Now I will buy on dry mass!

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