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Farestos 20 mg Pharmacom Labs | SOU-0303

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Brand: Pharmacom

Product Code: SOU-0303

Reception Farestos 20 mg Pharmacom Labs by British athletes.

Farestos, is the commercial name of the substance toremifene citrate. A very expensive drug, which is already firmly established in the diet of advanced chemists and constantly raises questions for beginners in chemotherapy. You can always buy Farestos 20 mg Pharmacom Labs in the UK from our online shop.

Pharestos 20 mg from Pharmacom Labs is the closest relative of tamoxifen and clomid. That is, a selective (selective) modulator of estrogenic receptors. Simply put, it is a group of drugs whose molecules, when ingested, find estrogenic receptors and attach to them in various parts of our body. But in some tissues, they prevent estrogens from activating their receptors, and in others, they activate these receptors better than the estrogens themselves. Many UK and world athletes take Farestos 20 mg Pharmacom Labs and are happy with the results.

Toremifene, a new generation of anti-estrogenic drugs, is used to fight estrogen-dependent breast cancer in women. It is designed to help in cases where good old tamoxifen refuses to work.

Why do you need it Farestos 20 mg Pharmacom Labs?

What is the practical value of Farestos in power sports? In principle, it can serve as a full-fledged replacement for tamoxifen and clomid during PCT (post-course therapy). But this is not reasonable, because of the high cost of toremifene. Why pay more?

Let's immediately clarify that clomid makes sense to eat only in the period after the course of therapy. It perfectly starts the work of the sexual arc, but as a means of preventing the phenomena of feminization-it is too weak. Especially considering the currently accepted dosages of steroids. So, let's leave clomid alone.

And tamoxifen has one very unpleasant feature. In some cases, used in parallel with progestins (nandrolone, trenbolone, oxymetholone), it can significantly increase their side effects associated with progestogenic activity:

  • Excessive fluid retention,
  • Gynecomastia,
  • Accumulation of fat in unexpected places,
  • Severe depression of the reproductive system.

This ability is explained by the effect of tamoxifen on the increase in the number of progestogenic receptors and the increase in the sensitivity of these receptors, relative to the molecules of synthetic progestins (nandrolone, trenbolone, oxymetholone). That is, taking tamoxifen is undesirable during and immediately after the courses of these steroids.

This is where Farestos comes to our rescue. It allows you to effectively insure yourself against the estrogenic side effects of nandrolone and oxymetholone. And at the same time, it does not increase the effect of progestogenic receptors on our body.

What does trenbolone have to do with it?

You may ask. It doesn't turn into estrogens and mimic their behavior in our body, does it? Indeed, trenbolone does not turn into anything and does not interact with enzymes. Estrogenic activity is only in theory, in practice it is not in sight. But this applies to full-fledged trenbolone, in its purest form. Unfortunately, today 95% of manufacturers synthesize trenbolone from revalor-a veterinary raw material containing, together with a small amount of tren, a HUGE amount of synthetic estradiol. At the output, we get trenbolone with estradiol. In order not to get all the charms that this bonus estradiol promises us, together with such a trainer, toremifen is necessarily connected.

Conclusions Farestos Pharmacom Labs

 In parallel with nandrolone, oxymetholone and trenbolone, we use an expensive, but indispensable in this case, toremifene. It will combat the estrogenic side effects of these steroids and will not aggravate their progestogenic activity.

  •  But toremifene does not cope with the progestogenic activity of this troika.
  • Prolactin inhibitors are needed here. 
  • On the PCT after these steroids, we use only clomid. Toremifen is also suitable, but why overpay a lot of money? There's no need. 
  • Tamoxifen is not suitable for parallel and post-course use with progestins.
  • It can greatly exacerbate the progestogenic side effects of these steroids.
  • This does not happen to everyone, but if you try to save on your health, you risk global changes, both in the sexual system and in appearance.
  • The miser pays twice. 
  • The working dose of toremifene is in the range of 20-60 mg per day. It all depends on the dosages of progestin drugs.
Active substance Toremifene citrato
Active ingredient, mg 20
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 20
Blister, pills 2, 50
Manufacturer Pharmacom Labs
Packing Blister (50 pills), Packing (2 blisters)


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