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Boldenone 250 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals | SOU-0208

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Brand: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Product Code: SOU-0208

Description and intake of Boldenone 250 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals by British athletes .

Boldenone undesylenate (also known by the brand name Equipoise, Boldabol, Boldebal, Boldesten, Ganabol) is an anabolic steroid developed for veterinary use. It was created as a long-acting version of Methandrostenolone, but the result is a steroid with completely different properties, despite the chemical similarity of its molecules.

Boldenone is a Dianabol molecule which lacks the 17-alpha-methyl group (this part of the molecule makes it possible for Dianabol to pass through the liver without being destroyed). If you compare the effectiveness of Boldenone undesilenate and Dianabol, the results obtained in gaining weight and increasing strength are almost the same. Buy Boldenone 250 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals in the UK you can always on the website of our online shop at a bargain price.

Like many drugs now used for sports purposes, boldenone was originally created for use in veterinary medicine. The idea of scientists was to produce a steroid, which is a long-acting methandrostenolone. But a substance was obtained, although similar in chemical structure, but having completely different characteristics and properties. Boldenone is a molecule devoid of the 17-alpha-methyl group. The androgen index is 50, the anabolic index is 100. The steroid is not toxic to the liver, shows weak estrogenic activity. The use of the drug by competing athletes is a big question, because its traces remain in the body for a long time.

Effects of the reception Boldenone 250 mg 

  • High-quality, but slow increase in muscle mass. However, this is logical, given the ether used, which is one of the longest. The effect unfolds slowly, but the hormonal background is maintained at a constant level and there is no need for frequent injections.
  • Increase in power indicators.
  • A significant increase in appetite.
  • Stimulation of hematopoiesis. One of the main functions of Boldebolin, which makes the steroid attractive to athletes. The increased production of red blood cells allows the muscles to receive more oxygen, which in turn has a positive effect on endurance.

How to take it Boldenone Magnus Pharmaceuticals

The course of Boldenone 250 (Boldenone 250 mg) from Magnus Pharmaceuticals is recommended for adult athletes who do not have contraindications. The optimal dosage of the injectable drug varies from 400 to 1000 milligrams per week. The duration of the course, as well as the amount of the substance, is determined based on the goals of the athlete, his anthropometric data, experience in the use of pharmacological agents and some slightly less important factors. Taking Boldenone from Magnus Pharmaceutical is recommended after consultation with a sports doctor. After two weeks at the end of the course, it is necessary to conduct a PKT. To do this, it is advisable to use testosterone boosters, which allow you to normalize the production of your own testosterone in about a month. The maximum effect of boldenone is achieved with the use of specialized sports nutrition and compliance with the diet.

As for how to take Boldenone in combination with other androgenic and anabolic steroids, the course on weight with the use of Testosterone enanthate, Tamoxifen and Proviron has proven itself perfectly. This is one of the safest options with a pronounced effect and minimal risk of"side effects". For" drying", you can use Testosterone Propionate, Winstrol, Tamoxifen and Proviron.

Side effects Boldenone 250 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals

The double bond between the first and second carbon atoms inhibits the aromatization process, which is an undoubted advantage. Side effects of Boldenone in the form of edema, gynecomastia and increased blood pressure are practically not found. In principle, the steroid can also be used by women. It has a low androgen activity, and therefore the probability of virilization is extremely low. In general, Boldenone is one of the safest drugs to start your first course of steroids with.

Reviews Boldenone 250 mg 

Athletes note a slow, but high-quality increase in muscle mass. There are almost no complaints about the rollback phenomenon, as well as about the painfulness of injections. The only thing that athletes sometimes name is the discrepancy between the severity of the effect and the declared one. Reviews of Boldenone 250 from Magnus Pharmaceuticals speak of the drug as a safe, gentle steroid, suitable even for amateurs.Women also use boldenone. However, in much smaller dosages. Reviews of Boldenone from the fair sex indicate the absence of virilization.

Active substance Boldenone
Active ingredient, mg 250
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Magnus Pharmaceuticals


Jackson - 05/11/2021

I bought a drug for gaining muscle mass in this store . Excellent price-quality ratio. Summer is just around the corner, I want to look cheerful and fit. Everything came well packed and fast

Baxter - 26/09/2021

I noted for myself the main advantage of Boldenone is the absence of adverse adverse reactions, such as fluid retention and estrogenic manifestations. Dense and firm musculature looks much better than a "smooth and inflated ball" of muscles. Therefore, I can evaluate this tool only on the positive side

Jack - 05/08/2021

The impression is simply excellent, the result did not take long to wait, in all categories the score is 5 out of 5. This , digestibility and effect. I use boldenone-250 in courses, it perfectly resists, the effect is felt

Jace - 30/05/2021

I take boldenone after training, since I train late after work, time is already short, it remains only to come home to go to the shower and fall asleep soundly, and then boldenone saves me.
I take ascorbic acid to maintain immunity.

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