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Aquatest 100 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals | SOU-0348

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Brand: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Product Code: SOU-0348

Description of Aquatest 100 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals intake and effects for British athletes. 

Aquatest 100 mg is a free, aqueous-based, active testosterone. Its properties make it a strong anabolic and androgenic steroid (both have an activity index of 100% of endogenous testosterone) with a fast but short duration of action (duration of action after application is about 24 hours).
Testosterone suspension was originally produced for medical purposes, and was developed to get the substance into the bloodstream as quickly as possible. Like other testosterone-containing products, it was used (and is presumably still used today) in hormone replacement therapy (prescribed mainly for men).

Analogues of the modern Aquates 100 mg have been on the British market for a long time. The first product of this kind (pure testosterone without added ester) was developed in the 1930s and is considered as a progenitor of almost all steroids. You can always buy Aquatest 100 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals in UK on our online store.

The effect of Aquatest Magnus Pharmaceuticals 

This steroid is relevant for most high performance sports, including bodybuilding. Over a course it promotes multiple improvements important to athletes, such as rapid muscle mass gain, increased strength, performance and endurance. The injections can be used effectively in preparation for competitions (detection time is up to one month by mass spectroscopy or gas chromatography). Feedback from many British athletes also describes Aquatest 100 mg as an excellent pre-workout steroid. Its reportedly helps not only increase training efficiency but also motivation/willingness to train (other testosterone-containing products such as Testosterone Enanthate and Sustanon have had similar effects). In addition, and which may be of benefit to many men, an increase in sexual activity / libido has been observed during the use of injections.

And what side effects can Aquatest cause? 

  • Acne acne,
  • increased oiliness of the skin
  • There is also a risk of gynecomastia,
  • and the formation of other estrogenic abnormalities
  • fluid retention,
  • an increase in body fat,
  • increased pressure.

Overall, Aquatest 100 mg has been tested by British athletes and athletes, and in practice, it works and shows visible improvements in a very short time. You may confirm its efficiency by carrying out tests during the course of the course. There is no doubt about it.

Recommended storage conditions for steroids: Ampoules should be kept in a dry and dark place at a temperature no higher than room temperature after purchase; the place of storage should be out of reach of children and pets as a precaution.

How to take Aquatest Magnus Pharmaceuticals?

Aquatest 100 mg can be recommended for athletes of varying fitness levels, from amateurs to professional athletes. It is not recommended for women (as well as testosterone-containing products in general) due to its high androgenic activity.

If Aquatest is used by women for sports purposes, there is a high risk of masculinisation. It can be various symptoms, from coarsening of voice to change of body shape in masculine type.Aquatest 100 mg is recommended to be injected daily in sports men in the range of 50-100 mg per day (since the drug does not have a long activity duration, injections during the course are required on a daily basis). This is an optimal dose for most athletes in terms of efficacy to harmlessness ratio, but for professional bodybuilders it may be insufficient.

There is usually no problem with dosing. The concentration of the active ingredient of the drug is convenient. The dosage of 50 mg will require exactly 0.5 ml in an ampoule, the dosage of 100 mg will require 1 ml. It is almost impossible to make a mistake here.A course of Aquatest 100 can give good results even when used solo, but more often it is used in parallel with other steroids. Depending on the goals pursued it can be various anabolic and androgenic steroids. Testosterone combines well with almost any analogues from stanozolol to trenbolone.

Planning a course, but can't decide on the dosage and regimen? If so, be sure to visit the Forum of our resource. Here you will be able to get the necessary advice. The Forum is staffed by a team of consultants, including an experienced sports physician. The specialists will quickly answer your questions.

Active substance Testosterone aqueous suspension
Active ingredient, mg 100
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Magnus Pharmaceuticals
Packing Bottle


Ezra - 14/09/2021

In this online store of steroids, the prices are quite satisfactory, I have not seen cheaper anywhere. There were no complaints about consulting managers and maintenance.Everything is good.

Everett - 12/06/2021

If you want to invest money and not lose money, in terms of price and quality, then I strongly recommend this aquatest to you, you will not regret it. My weight was 63 kg, four months ago, after I bought this miracle food, I reached 80 kg, and notice guys, I have muscle mass, not fat

Evan - 26/05/2021

After training, I was tired and apathetic. I consulted with the trainer in the gym, recommended to reconsider nutrition and take this drug aquatest immediately became more bearable after a couple of weeks of taking it

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