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Trenbolone tablets

Parabolan (Trenbolone acetate) 10 mg Hubei Huangshi Nanshang

The properties and description Parabolan (Trenbolone acetate) 10 mg Hubei Huangshi Nanshang in Briti..

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Sp Tren 250 mg SP Laboratories

The properties Sp Tren 250 mg SP Laboratories and use by British athletes. Oral Tren by SP Lab..

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Cameron Griffin
Edited By: Cameron Griffin
Updated: 02/02/2022
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The article is for informational purposes and is compiled according to the official instructions


Trenbolone is significantly different from other steroids due to its high performance. When combined with other AAS, you can easily achieve high quality muscle mass growth of up to 10kg per course and obtain mind-blowing relief. No other steroid will give you the same result. It helps you get rid of over-training, and your muscles look full and well defined. Manages to achieve a significant increase in strength performance.

Trenbolon Tablets are 5 times more powerful than Testosterone and 4 times more powerful than Nandrolone, although it is its derivative, anabolic index - 500% of testosterone, androgenic index - 500% of testosterone. If you want to use it for the first time, you should buy trenbolone in tablets or in injectables. The use of trenbolone enanthate or parabolan is better deferred for later acquaintance. The acetate form is active for 1-3 days, while the long esters are active for 8-10 days.


Tren A tablets are suitable for male athletes who have already taken 4-5 courses and are not suitable for female athletes or beginners. The working dosage varies from 30-50 mg/day for a course not to exceed 8 weeks. Trenbolon Tablets are successfully combined with: winstrol, masterone, turinabol, oxandrolone or primobolan. And combining oral trenbolone with testosterone propionate it is possible to achieve high results in building a sculpted physique.

An example of an oral trenbolone + propik course would be as follows: prop will be placed daily for 70-100mg + 5 trenbolone tablets daily for 8 weeks. Then, after 14 days we start clomid therapy (pkt). On this and quite an easy course we can burn not a few blubber, gaining at the same time from 3 to 5 kg of quality meat. If you do a similar course right after a course aimed at gaining exclusive mass, you will obtain a spectacularly sculpted body. Just do not forget to eat right and train.


  • It has no estrogenic activity, and does not cause gynecomastia or fluid accumulation.
  • The steroid action causes a significant increase in strength and appetite.
  • Growth of muscle mass. Up to 10 kg of muscle can be gained during a course of 6-8 weeks
  • Antitabolic action, reduces cortisol, which destroys muscle fibers.
  • Increase IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) by 2-fold.
  • Intensive fat burning,
  • Stimulation of growth hormone (somatotropin) production
  • Trenbolone acetate tablets are not toxic to the liver and break down quickly after intake, so the daily dose should be divided into 3-4 doses.


Seen as an increase in aggression, nervousness, an increase in blood pressure, insomnia, a faster loss of hair, acne and oily skin. May cause erectile dysfunction, so must be used in conjunction with testosterone. Strongly suppresses testosterone production. The drug is capable of exhibiting progestogenic activity, although oral trenbolone very rarely causes this side effect, but hormone levels should be monitored during the entire course of use. In cases of increased Prolactin hormone, use Cabergoline at a dosage of 0.25mg once every 4 days. In total there should be no more than three doses of Caberholin and then retest for Prolactin.

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Preparation Parabolan (Trenbolone acetate) Hubei Huangshi Nanshang 50 mg 80 €

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