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Sweat test or Sweat testin is a steroid drug with strong anabolic and androgenic activity, the active ingredient of which is fluoximesterone. Steroid is produced in the form of tablets for oral use and contributes to a significant increase in strength, energy potential, confidence and motivation in training. Athletes often use a halo before responsible competition to improve fitness and emotional well-being.

Initially, fluoximesterone was used to treat delayed puberty in males and cancer in females. Due to its properties, the drug has found a wide application in various sports and today is not used in medicine. The principle of the substance has not been sufficiently studied, but it is assumed that the drug has a non-receptor effect on muscle tissues.

The action and effects of negligence

The halo test is a modification of testosterone and differs from it by a longer period of active action in the body. The drug has greater anabolic and androgenic activity, does not degrade during the first passage through the liver and is poorly flavored, so it does not cause water retention in the body and prevents the accumulation of fat.

When it enters the body, negligence has the following positive effects:

  • strengthens the muscles and increases their volume;
  • increases the level of strength and endurance;
  • increases confidence and motivation at workouts;
  • stimulates the production of hemoglobin and erythropoietin;
  • promotes the burning of excess fat.

Steroid is used in bodybuilding, powerlifting, boxing, athletics, weightlifting, hockey and wrestling to increase human energy capacity and achieve great results, and due to low flavorization the drug is used during the drying stage to get rid of excess fat and water.

How to take a bathrobe

The drug is produced in the form of pills and taken orally in the dosage of 10 milligrams per day for 4-6 weeks. Experienced athletes are allowed to increase the single dose to 15 milligrams if necessary. Professional bodybuilders and powerlifters use 20 milligrams of the drug daily to rapidly increase muscle mass and improve strength before competition, but this dose is the maximum allowable dose for all athletes, and its excess will cause overdose and side effects. Often, a course of negligence is combined with testosterone esters or other anabolics to improve its performance.

Contraindications and side-effects

Seal test is a powerful anabolic drug with high androgenic activity, so before taking it, it is important to undergo a full medical examination to study the characteristics of the body and identify serious health problems. The reason for rejection of steroid is the body's hypersensitivity to its active ingredient or the presence of diseases of the prostate or kidneys. It is not recommended to take a course of negligence for underage athletes and women to avoid hormonal disorders and other undesirable consequences.

It is important to follow all the rules and recommendations during the course of caregiving. If the dose or duration of the course is exceeded, the following side effects are more likely to occur:

  • rapid growth of body hair;
  • increased skin oilyness;
  • inflammatory skin diseases;
  • strong suppression of estrogen sex hormone synthesis;
  • increased aggressiveness;
  • frequent sudden erection;
  • prostate diseases;
  • oligospermia.

After the course, post-course therapy based on clomide and testosterone boosters is carried out to stimulate the synthesis of male sex hormone and reduce the phenomenon of kickback. Sports nutrition, vitamin complexes and amino acids will help to preserve the result and prevent unwanted consequences. For a quick recovery of the body it is important to eat properly, to exercise regularly and to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

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