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What is Citomed 50 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals and its use in British sport Cytomel is a medication w..

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Use by Cytomel 50 mg Hubei Huangshi Nanshang British athletes in sport. British bodybuilding athlet..

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An effective fat burner Tiros (T3) 50 mg Pharmacom Labs for British athletes. Tiroz(T3) 50 mg ..

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Cameron Griffin
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Updated: 01/02/2022
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Cytomel is one of the pharmacological drugs used not only by bodybuilders, but also those who simply want to lose a couple or three extra pounds. In its essence, this substance is a thyroid hormone. This is why it is often used even by those who have strong steroid prejudices. The price of the cytomel is quite low, but experienced bodybuilders warn you not to be afraid of it, because the drug is really effective.

What properties does a cytomel (Lyothyronine) have?

As has already been said, the cytomel is a hormonal medicine. The active ingredient in it is sodium lioteranine, which has properties similar to L-thriiontyronine produced by the thyroid gland. To be more precise, cytomel is a synthetic analogue of a natural hormone, so there is no need to worry about personal intolerance to the drug.

In traditional medicine, this substance is used for hypothyroidism, when there is an urgent need to speed up metabolism and fight against fat deposits.

Almost the same function is performed by the drug in bodybuilding, since athletes simply need to remove excess fat and dry out before they compete. Taking it means that you don't wear yourself out on low-calorie diets during the drying period, so there are more and more people who want to buy a cytomel.

How do you take a cytomel to get the best results?

You have to start taking the medicine gradually. It is recommended that you do this with 25 µg per day and gradually increase the dosage. You can increase it by 25 µg every 3-4 days. However, the maximum daily dose should not exceed 100 µg.

The optimal course length for this hormone is 6 weeks. You should also finish your appointment carefully. The dose of the cytomel should not be drastically reduced; it is best to start reducing it 10-12 days before the course is over, following the same principle as at the beginning. After completing the course, you should take a break of at least 2 months, otherwise there is a risk of 'earning' thyroid hypothyroidism.

Since the drug is primarily used as a fat burner, the effect of the cytomel is as follows:

  • improved metabolism - since the drug is an analogue of a natural hormone, its action is also aimed at normalising metabolism, and the additional consumption of the drug in combination with the hormone in the body speeds it up;
  • a decrease in the amount of fatty tissue - this is due to accelerated metabolism, as the body, having processed food, begins to process its 'stock';
  • reduced need for sleep - from the fat deposits processed by the body under the influence of the cytomel, energy is released, which is used for longer periods of awake.
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Preparation Tiros (T3) Pharmacom Labs 50 mg 35 €
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Preparation Cytomel Hubei Huangshi Nanshang 50 mg 28 €

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