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Tamoxifen - an effective tool for effective TCP

Tamoxifen is a pharmacological product which is classified by physicians as a class of sexual hormones. It was originally developed to treat oncology in women, more specifically breast cancer. However, contrary to this fact, the main consumers of the product are men. This strange pattern is explained by the high effectiveness of the drug as a drug for post-course therapy. Therefore, if you are taking strong anabolic drugs, we recommend that you buy tamoxifen to prevent side effects.

Features of tamoxifen

A combined course consisting of tamoxifen and anabolic will reduce the chances of excessive female hormones in men.

Despite the fact that there are many other medicines with similar properties, this medicine has no analogues. The fact is that it is neither anabiotic nor androgenic.

Experienced athletes also use it to lose weight, build muscle mass and increase strength and endurance. In addition, the drug is an anti-estrogen agent and is used in PCT.

How to use tamoxifen correctly?

There are several options for taking the hormone. Some bodybuilders believe that you should start using the drug while you are on a steroid course. The effect of tamoxifen in this case is obvious - to prevent side effects associated with an increase in estrogen concentration in the bodybuilder's blood. The optimal dosage is 10-20 mg daily, starting in the second week of the course. However, this regimen may reduce the effectiveness of the main anabolic.

If antiestrogen is used exclusively for PCT, it should be taken between 30 and 45 days, depending on the severity of the course. The optimal dosage is 20-40 mg every day. If you are on a very heavy AAS course, the dosage can reach 80 mg. In this case, you should also take medication that protects the liver from intoxication.

The effect of tamoxifen is:

  • increased strength - due to this effect, the hormone is very often used in strength sports;
  • muscle relief - this is manifested by the removal of excess fluid;
  • prevention of feminisation - a consequence of a decrease in estrogen levels;a decrease in the fat layer - in a combined course, the drug often acts as a fat burner and is used in an effort to lose
  • weight with little effort (not always successful).

Although the hormone is considered a strong anti-estrogen, it does not prevent the activity of female hormones, but only blocks it.

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