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Anastrazole 1 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Effectiveness of taking Anastrazole 1 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals by British athletes. Anastrazol..

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Anastrazolos 1 mg Pharmacom Labs

The properties and use Anastrazolos 1 mg Pharmacom Labs by British athletes.  A third-generati..

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Anastroged (Anastrozolo) 1 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals

Application Anastroged (Anastrozolo) 1 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals by UK athletes. The drug Anastr..

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Anastrozol 1 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Application Anastrozol 1 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals in English sports.  Anastrozole 1 mg i..

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Anastrozole 1 mg Teva

Use of Anastrozole 1 mg Teva in British Sport and Medicine. First-line therapy for locally advanced..

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Anastrozole - a powerful anti-estrogen

The main advantage and function of the product is its pronounced anti-estrogenic effect. This is not the first year that anastrozole has been very popular among bodybuilders and other athletes who work hard and are simply obliged to take medication to improve their strength performance.

What is anastrozole?

Anastrozole first appeared on the pharmaceutical market in 1995. Initially, it was a medicinal product and was successfully used as a means of fighting breast cancer in women. Nowadays, you can buy anastrozole at any shop that distributes sports supplements. The range of applications has slightly expanded and it can be purchased without prescription. In medicine, this product is practically not used, but it is very successfully used in sports.

Now it is an excellent assistant among weightlifters who use anabolic drugs for a long time. It is excellent at dealing with fluid retention in the body, excessive breast enlargement in men and a number of other negative side effects after steroid intake.

What effects does this drug have?

  • Reduced gynaecomastia.(This effect of anastrozole relieves swelling and prevents hyper-mammary gland growth.)
  • Decrease in estrogen levels and aromatherapy effects.(Estrogens are known to be female hormones that are contained in small amounts in the male body. When steroids are taken, the production of female hormone increases by a lot. Anastrozal, on the other hand, stops the production of estrogens and suppresses the aromatisation of the body, so you get quality muscle mass).
  • Increases the level of anabolic hormones.
  • Possesses the properties of an inhibitor.(Improves the quality of muscles and makes training more effective).
  • Prevents hypertension.(Thanks to the active components in the composition, it normalises blood pressure, which is important for intensive workouts).
  • Rapid absorption of the drug into the blood.(Anastrozole is also in demand due to its rapid action. The maximum concentration of the substance is already a few hours after taking it).

To whom is anastrozole intended?

This drug is taken by experienced and sophisticated bodybuilders who have been working with iron for no first year. This is due to the fact that anastrozole is most often taken in two cases: to maintain and restore the body after a steroid course, or as a prophylactic before a course of anabolic drugs.

This product is not intended for women because it can severely disrupt the hormonal background and lead to bad consequences. It should also be avoided for people with gastrointestinal diseases and a disturbed cardiovascular system. It is recommended that the drug be used on a two-week course. During this time, it will be able to show its full potential and will not have a negative impact on health.

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